Road Scholar Counts Down Its Top 10 Learning Destinations for 2020

Our educational travel experts have analyzed the data, researched the trends, talked to our instructors and group leaders around the world and most importantly — listened to our participants — to put together a list of our top places to learn in 2020. From countries celebrating historical anniversaries to award-winning culinary destinations, we have a pulse on the top spots for next year. Tune in each day to count down with us from #10 to our 2020 Campus of the Year at #1.

Where will you learn in 2020?

10. Japan

Tokyo welcomes the Summer Olympics from July 24 to August 9, which puts the global spotlight on Japan. The past few years have seen many solemn wartime anniversaries around the world, and this year is no exception, as Japan will mark the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings in 2020.

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9. Washington, D.C.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment in our nation’s capital in 2020 at the city’s National Museums, and be sure to stop by the special exhibits at the National Museum of Women in the Arts! This momentous commemoration, combined with the excitement of the 2020 presidential elections make Washington, D.C. a top spot to go next year to learn about history and current events!

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8. Marrakesh, Morocco

The diverse and iconic city of Marrakesh has been designated the first African Capital of Culture next year for its architectural, artistic and cultural legacy, which makes 2020 the perfect time to visit! Explore this fascinating melting pot as your learn about its UNESCO Heritage Sites, wander through the bustling bazaar and taste the flavors of Moroccan cuisine.

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7. The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes continue to be one of the places around the world that Road Scholars are most curious about. Are you one of them? Feed your curiosity with a visit to Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie or Ontario. Explore world-class, lakeshore cities like Toronto and Chicago, or up-and-coming revival cities like Milwaukee, Detroit or Cleveland. Or venture off to fascinating spots off the beaten current, like the car-free Victorian paradise of Mackinac Island.

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6. Melbourne, Australia

With more flights than ever to Australia (including a recent record-breaking non-stop flight from London to Sydney), this faraway country is becoming more and more accessible! We love Sydney, but don’t forget to spend some time in Melbourne! Marvel at the stunning historic architecture that echoes back to the prosperity of the Victorian gold rush of the 19th century, when the city became known as “Marvellous Melbourne.” That historic architecture is perfectly juxtaposed to the modern street art that you can enjoy as you explore this charming city and its diverse neighborhoods.

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5. Massachusetts

Four hundred years ago, the Mayflower made its famous voyage across the Atlantic and landed on the shores of Plymouth, Mass. Head to this lovely coastal city in 2020 to learn about the pilgrims’ voyage and the Wampanoag people they encountered when they arrived. You can also visit Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum, to see what life was like for early settlers in New England.

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4. Thailand

From lush tea plantations and ancient temples to elephant sanctuaries and bustling village markets — the diverse “classrooms” of Thailand offer so many opportunities to learn about the local culture. Food lovers will enjoy the unique flavors of traditional Thai dishes, and adventurers have access to cave kayaking, snorkeling or mountain hikes in Doi Inthanon National Park. There’s something for everyone in Thailand!

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3. Hawaii

Did you know that the official Japanese surrender from World War II took place on the decks of the US Navy battleship USS Missouri? Celebrate the 75th anniversary of “V-J Day” (Victory over Japan Day) on the decks of “The Mighty Mo” in 2020 where it anchors in Pearl Harbor. Visit the Mighty Mo with Road Scholar, and you can leave your mark on this storied ship and even spend a night in the sailor’s quarters. Or head over to the USS Arizona Memorial to see a special exhibit about the atomic attacks on Japan.

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2. Peru

Peru has reigned as the “Best Culinary Destination in the World” for the past eight years, and it’s still going strong. If you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie” (or just a person who loves to eat), and you haven’t been to Peru yet — 2020 is the year to visit! With the parliamentary elections happening in January 2020, this is a fascinating moment to visit Peru to gain an understanding of the country’s current events and the history that has brought them here. On top of that — the construction of a new airport will bring more visitors to Machu Picchu and could make the iconic historical site more crowded. So get there before the crowds and learn about Machu Picchu with us in 2020!

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1. Canada: Our 2020 Campus of the Year!

Drumroll, please! Our number one place to learn about in 2020 is … Canada! Home to North America’s only fortified city, the unique French Canadian and Acadian cultures, the stunning Canadian Rockies and the unmatched cascades of Niagara Falls, Canada has stepped up to the plate as our top 2020 campus. Whether you prefer to learn in a quiet, charming fishing village in the Maritimes, a diverse and exciting global city like Toronto or the remote and pristine Arctic Manitoba — these classrooms have so many tales to tell and lessons to be learned. Join us as we celebrate discovery in Canada in 2020!

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