Private Group Charters

10 Easy Steps to Organize a Road Scholar Program For Your Group


Select Your Program
Many of our 5,500 educational travel programs worldwide are available to be chartered. Need help finding the perfect one? Just ask!
Pick a Date
We recommend you plan a program in the United States at least six months in advance and nine months in advance for International programs.
Finalize the Details
We’ll finalize all the details, including the dates, price and schedule.
Need Airfare?
We can help with that, too! Just ask. Some of our programs include free airfare.
Get Your Group on Board
We can provide promotional materials to advertise the program to your group.
Your Special Toll-Free Number for Enrolling
Members of your group sign up directly with us using a toll free number (800) 322-5315.
We Take Care of the Payments
You don’t have to worry about collecting payments from members of your group. We’ll handle that.
Program Information Packets
Once your members enroll in your program, we’ll send them information packets that include all the things they’ll need to know: travel instructions, a packing list, a detailed schedule and much more.
Have a Great Time!
When your program begins, our experienced Group Leaders will take care of everything and your group will have the learning adventure of a lifetime.
Take a Bow
Typically, when a program ends, participants are grateful to you for organizing such an enriching and bonding experience.

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