Caregiver Grants

Road Scholar’s Caregiver Grants

At Road Scholar, we acknowledge the weighty responsibility carried by all adults who serve as family caregivers for ill or disabled relatives.

The warm, welcoming and friendly nature of our learning adventures provide a much-needed respite from the emotional and physical demands of being a caregiver. We're committed to helping you offset the costs of arranging substitute care while you attend a Road Scholar learning adventure through our Caregiver Grants.

You’re an eligible caregiver if you are the primary unpaid caregiver providing daily care and support for an ill or disabled family member (spouse, parent, adult child, partner or sibling).
  • Your loved one may also be receiving home care, hospice, visiting nurse, LPN services, or comparable and related services.
  • Your loved one may be in adult day care, memory care, a nursing home or comparable or related facility.
  • You have lost a loved one within the past two years who was in any of the above situations.
  • You live in the United States and are 50 years of age or older.
  • You have not taken a Road Scholar program in the last two years.
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Caregiver Grant Application

The Impact Grant Committee happily accepts fully completed applications mailed to the address listed on the application form. We ask that you allow four to six weeks for us to review your application.


“The leaders took a personal interest in me, and in each of the participants. They understood I was on a respite from caregiving for my daughter who is very ill and in hospice care. I felt I had permission to sleep as much as I needed and to socialize only as much as I was able. Each presented their topics in such a way that I was inspired to learn more when I got home, or to restart former activities such as painting and Tai Chi. They gave me a new lease on life and I am so grateful.” — Road Scholar Caregiver Grant Recipient

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