Ambassador Role & Responsibilities

As a Road Scholar representative, you will be responsible for educating and communicating a positive, current, and accurate image of Road Scholar to older adults in your community.

Basic Responsibilities
• Share your Road Scholar enthusiasm and lifelong learning spirit with others in your area.
• Develop, schedule, and/or accept (from headquarters) 8 speaking engagements in your community to educate older adults about Road Scholar each year.
• Keep up to date and knowledgeable on Road Scholar programming, policies, history, catalog, website and new developments.
• Serve as a liaison between the national office and your community by offering feedback from local Road Scholarers as well as reporting to headquarters on your Ambassador activities.
• Upon availability, participate in local conferences, tradeshows, or expositions as a Road Scholar representative.

Requirements and Skills
• Enthusiasm for Road Scholar
• Outgoing, people person
• Experience with three or more Road Scholar programs
• Presentation, communication and organizational skills
• Willingness to forge relationships with local organizations, groups, associations, retirement communities, and media
• Ability to travel (you will determine the distance of travel you would prefer)
• Internet access a plus

Want to join our team?

If you are interested in being a part of the Ambassador Program, click here to submit your Ambassador Application. To learn more about becoming an Ambassador, please visit the Join Our Team page.
Ambassadors, Marvin and Mary Johnson,
biking on a recent program in France.

“It is fun to share the Road Scholar story with interested people. What a treat for me.”
- Ambassador, Joyce Senkel,
Portland, OR

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