Message 1: Road Scholar is the worldwide leader among education and travel organizations for adults age 55 and older.

Road Scholar is the nation's first and the world's largest educational and travel organization for older adults.

Road Scholar serves nearly 170,000 program attendees each year; 22,000 of whom go on overseas programs.

Road Scholar has enrollments four times larger than all other not-for-profit educational travel providers combined.

Road Scholar first commitment is to providing a quality educational experience; exciting and diverse travel opportunities are an added benefit.

Road Scholar has 30 years of experience developing lifelong learning opportunities for older adults.

Road Scholar is affiliated with over 500 of the world's leading colleges, universities, conference centers, museums and many other educational and cultural institutions

Message 2: Road Scholar enhances the lives of its participants.

Road Scholar is not for everyone. It is for older adults who are excited by and committed to furthering their education, experiencing new activities and visiting new places.

Road Scholar participants grow and learn through new experiences and the active exploration of subjects and interests around the world.

Studies such as the research conducted by the MacArthur Foundation confirm that individuals who maintain an active mind and body live longer and fuller lives.

Road Scholar creates communities of likeminded individuals learning about subjects of joint interest.

Message 3: Road Scholar makes the world its classroom.

Road Scholar multidimensional approach to learning encourages participants to explore and experience a subject from many different angles. "Boys of Summer: Spring Training" - With the Florida Grapefruit and Arizona Cactus Leagues' Spring Training games as the backdrop, participants attend lectures, presentations and discussions by professional players, coaches and historians on baseballs myths and legends; the history and times of the LA Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians; sports medicine and women in baseball.

Road Scholar participants bring a wealth of knowledge, life experience and varied perspectives to every Road Scholar program, providing a rich and more fulfilling learning environment.

Road Scholar also offers a range of programs designed to appeal to participants with more specialized interests or who are interested in trying something new. Costa Rica to Panama: Cultural and Natural   History (Adventures Afloat), Harry Potter and Friends (Intergenerational); Hiking the National Parks and Monuments of the Four Corners (Exploring North America)

Road Scholar offers nearly 8,000 educational programs on a vast array of subjects, in over 90 countries.

Road Scholar is education the way you always wanted it to be - no pre-requisites, prior education, homework or tests are required.

Message 4: Road Scholar participants get excellent value for their money.

Road Scholar mission is to deliver the highest quality education programs at excellent value.

Road Scholar offers programs for a wide range of interests and tuition levels, and also offers scholarship programs for those in need.

As a not-for-profit organization, Road Scholar mission is to set tuition as low as possible. Tuition is not driven by profit margin.

Road Scholar international and domestic programs are distinguished in the market by their superior value.
    • All of Road Scholar domestic programs are all-inclusive and average about $115 per day.
    • More than 90 percent of Road Scholar international programs are all-inclusive, including round-trip airfare, and average about $250 per day.

Road Scholar offers a wide range of accommodations to appeal to its growing range of participants. For example:
    • Well-appointed hotels with a variety of amenities
    • Barges
    • Retreat centers
    • Country inns
    • Berths aboard trains
    • Dormitories

Message 5: As a not-for-profit organization, Road Scholar relies on your donations to continue to create lifelong experiences for older adults.

Road Scholar relies on contributions to keep programs affordable and available to adults 55 and older.

Road Scholar provides an immeasurable value to the lives of its participants that will continue only with the support of contributions. Contributions also help fund scholarships, making programs accessible to larger number of individuals.

To remain true to its mission, Road Scholar conducts fund raising aimed at maintaining the low tuition rates associated with its programs.

Over 80,000 donors made contributions to Road Scholar in 2004; 50% were repeat donors to Road Scholar. 71% of the donors were also Road Scholar participants.

Road Scholar management is committed to keeping operating costs at a minimum while running an efficient organization that is accountable to its donors and participants.




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