Scholarship Recipients Say "Thank You"

Because of the generosity of our donors, each year Road Scholar is able to award nearly 300 scholarships to enthusiastic lifelong learners. Here, in their own words, they say "Thank you."

"From my conversations with the gracious and professional Road Scholar advisors to the bittersweet moments at the end of the program, the entire experience was memorable and truly exceptional. This program had it all — superior leadership and planning, unique accommodations and lovely participants. And, of course, the scenery was breathtaking! I enjoy hiking and the great outdoors — it keeps me fit and refreshes my spirit. Thank you, thank you to the generous persons who lovingly share so that others can enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Your kindness is a blessing!"

“Any Road Scholar experience brings wonderful people together. The intellectual level of the participants is high; instruction/experience is 'tops'. I am so grateful. The opportunity to meet such interesting, friendly people is supreme. I'm lost for words describing the quality of this organization. Bar none. As a recipient of a scholarship, I cannot be more humble to you and thank you deeply for this, the highlight of my life. Adventure, learning and camaraderie shall sustain me as I look with such appreciation upon your efforts. Many, many thanks.”

I thank you for the opportunity you gave me. It has enhanced my life experience.

"I was glad to learn about what part St. Louis played during the slavery days. In our history books in Texas during my school years in the 1950s, we didn’t learn a lot about slavery. It really amazed me what had taken place in the 1800s and earlier. Learning about Dred Scott and others was eye-opening.St. Louis has so much to offer and is so interesting. I would have never guessed that I could learn so much. Our leaders worked very hard to provide us with history and also entertainment. I met ladies from all over the U.S. that will be friends for a long time. I really appreciate the gift of being able to have the opportunity to learn and meet new friends. Thank you."

"I went alone and was a little nervous, but once I arrived, I felt very comfortable with the other participants and all the leaders. The boat captains, the naturalist and the co-owner of the inn were excellent. I loved being on Grand Manan. Seeing whales up close was a thrill. The opportunity to see puffins up close on Seal Island is a once in a lifetime experience for me. I am so appreciative that this scholarship program exists. Thank you!!!"

"Many thanks for the enriching experience of attending your program. The topics of these classes were very interesting — Shakespeare, World Religions, Opera. I enjoyed entertainment featuring the best songs, composers and lyricists, too. The teachers were excellent! I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow that you provided and for the instructors, classes and those who give to scholarships."

"Please accept my thank you for the scholarship that you awarded me for Planets, Stars, Galaxies and the Universe. The lectures were excellent. Viewing the heavens through telescopes in the late evening was a superb experience. Thank you again as you continue to sponsor the scholarship program for older adults."

"Because of my limited income, this scholarship means I am able to continue to learn and keep interested in people and the world around me. Thank you."


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