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We invite you to learn more about supporting Elderhostel and our Road Scholar programs. By providing for a charitable bequest to Elderhostel, you may be able to make a special gift that is not possible during your lifetime. A gift from retirement funds can be a tax-wise way to support Elderhostel. Through an Elderhostel life-income gift you can earn lifetime income and help ensure that Elderhostel’s learning adventures will be there for future generations. Learn about these and other ways of giving on our website.

Life-Income Gifts at a Glance

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Type of Gift
Minimum Initial Gift Amount
Immediate Charitable Deduction
Number of Beneficiaries
Some Key Benefits
Participate in a trust through a small donation.
Secure fixed income on a partially tax-free basis.
Increase income by deferring payments for at least one year. Build retirement income through deferred gift annuities funded over time.
1 or more
Most flexible. Appropriate for gifts of appreciated real estate and other assets.

Most commonly funded with cash or appreciated stock, some life-income gifts can also be funded with gifts of appreciated real estate and tangible personal property.

This information is not intended to be tax or legal advice. We recommend individuals seek the advice of their own advisor or legal counsel.


Please contact our office for information on gifts that can help you support Elderhostel and lifelong learning and provide significant benefits to you.

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