Gift of Retirement Funds

Tax-Wise Gifts from Retirement Funds can
Benefit you and Support Lifelong Learning

Many people have invested in one or more retirement plans. Throughout retirement, investors will withdraw funds from the retirement plans for required withdrawals and for special purposes. It is likely, however, that some assets will remain in the retirement funds at the end of the investor’s lifetime.
Wise Tax Planning:
Naming Elderhostel as a Beneficiary of Your Retirement Funds

  • Assets remaining in a retirement fund at the plan holder’s death are also subject to income tax — unless the beneficiary is a spouse or a charitable organization;
  • Assets can also be subject to estate tax, depending on the size of the estate.

  • For these reasons, many supporters choose to designate charitable organizations as beneficiaries of IRAs and other retirement funds and to give other assets to their heirs. For examples of potential tax savings, please contact Ann Lamond.

    To discuss a gift of a retirement fund, contact Ann Lamond, Senior Leadership & Planned Giving Officer.
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