Why Write a Will?

For each of us having an up-to-date will or trust lets us know that we are making things easier for loved ones. The knowledge that our decisions control the distribution of assets we worked hard to accumulate over a lifetime can bring satisfaction and peace of mind.

And for many people, creating a will or trust or updating an existing one provides an opportunity to acknowledge charitable organizations that especially enriched their lives.

Is Your Will or Trust up to Date?
It is important to make sure your will or living trust is current. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • Have my circumstances changed since I wrote or updated my will?
  • Does my will represent my current wishes and values?
  • Have I provided for my loved ones and charitable organizations I value?
  • Have I revised my will since I last moved?
  • Have estate laws changed since I wrote or updated my will?

  • Many advisers recommend you review and update your will every five years. This allows you to review your plans in light of your changing circumstances and changes in federal or state tax laws.

    Elderhostel is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, thus bequests to Elderhostel are not subject to estate taxes. We hope you will include a bequest to Elderhostel in your will or living trust. Help ensure that our diverse array of educational programs is available for the next generation.

    Steve & Gayle Brugler
    Glenn Schwartz

    For more information or to explore a bequest to Elderhostel, call Ann Lamond, Senior Leadership and Planned Giving Officer, toll-free at (877) 737-0664, or email at ann.lamond@roadscholar.org.