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A herd of Bison in Grand Teton National Park - Photo courtesy of Teton Science Schools
Program # 13668RJ
Intergenerational: Wyoming’s Watchable Wildlife and Ecological Explorations
The Tetons (Jackson), Wyoming
Intergenerational, National Parks
8 - 14 years of age
5 night(s)
Be on the lookout for moose, bison, elk and pronghorn as you explore beautiful Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park with your grandchildren. On ...(read more)

Photo by Kendra Kurth
Program # 15388RJ
Digging for Dinosaurs: The Jurassic Experience
Thermopolis, Wyoming
Service Learning
5 night(s)
07/27/2014, 08/24/2014
In the Late Jurassic Period, dinosaurs fed on the lush flora that covered Wyoming. Discover the remains of that ancient ecosystem in the Jurassic Age ...(read more)

Hike the Tetons: Wilderness, Wildflowers and Wild Critters - photo by Cindy Sebesta
Program # 9858RJ
Teton Seasonal Hikes: Wilderness and Wildlife
The Tetons (Alta), Wyoming
National Parks, Walking/Hiking
5 night(s)
07/27/2014, 08/24/2014
The Tetons in northwestern Wyoming beckon with spectacular vistas of landscapes filled with majestic mountains, sparkling waters and extraordinary wil...(read more)

Yellowstone: From Colter's Hell to America's Hot Spot - photo by Penny Walde
Program # 18556RJ
Yellowstone: From Colter's Hell to America's Hot Spot
Yellowstone, Wyoming
National Parks, Science & Nature
6 night(s)
08/03/2014, 08/28/2014, 09/21/2014
Yellowstone National Park’s past and present volcanic and tectonic activity is the foundation of its unique ecosystem and the ecological connections t...(read more)

Hiking in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, by William Sommer
Program # 4937RJ
Hiking in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks
Jackson, Wyoming
Walking/Hiking, National Parks
6 night(s)
08/10/2014, 09/16/2014
Explore the magnificent trails of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks during an active, adventurous week. Learn about the ecology and biology o...(read more)

A Greater Yellowstone Kayaking Adventure - photo by Grand Teton National Park Service
Program # 21149RJ
A Grand Teton Kayaking Adventure
Jackson, Wyoming
Water Sports, National Parks
5 night(s)
08/17/2014, 08/24/2014
Discover an unmatched landscape and a vibrant ecosystem while kayaking in the Grand Teton region. Lead by highly qualified kayak instructors, paddle f...(read more)

Elderhostel participants preparing dinosur bone - Big Horn Basin Foundation - Thermopolis, Wyoming
Program # 6276RJ
Dinosaur Bone Preservation: From the Jurassic to the Lab
Thermopolis, Wyoming
Service Learning
5 night(s)
09/14/2014, 10/12/2014
Delve into Wyoming's compelling geologic history — dinosaurs did roam this corner of the earth! Nearly 150 million years ago, dinosaurs such as Diplod...(read more)

Iconic Yellowstone Photo - Bob Harvey
Program # 4531RJ
Advanced Nature Photography in Yellowstone and Grand Teton
Jackson, Wyoming
Photography, National Parks
6 night(s)
09/14/2014, 09/20/2014, 05/31/2015
Wyoming's Rocky Mountains provide a perfect setting to study advanced nature and wildlife photography. Explore Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Pa...(read more)

Bull Moose Eating Willows - Dave Stiles
Program # 15948RJ
The Magnificent Moose: Habitat Improvement in Jackson Hole
The Tetons (Jackson), Wyoming
Service Learning
5 night(s)
The Shiras or Wyoming moose is a fascinating mammal of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Help these creatures survive myriad ecological threats by im...(read more)

Inspired Images: Photographing the Wonders of Yellowstone - photo by Angela Dansie
Program # 17947RJ
Inspired Images: Photographing the Wonders of Yellowstone
Gardiner, Montana
Photography, National Parks
5 night(s)
09/28/2014, 02/01/2015, 02/08/2015, 05/10/2015
On this photography adventure, capture Old Faithful’s powerful skyward spray, a bison feeding in a meadow or the tremendous scope of the Grand Canyon ...(read more)

Showing 1 - 10 of 13 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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