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Belgian Cities and Waterways by Barge, by Alfio Garozzo
Program # 20370RJ
Belgian Cities and Waterways by Barge
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, River Boats
8 night(s)
10/03/2014, 04/03/2015, 06/05/2015, 08/14/2015
While barging the delightful canals and rivers of Flanders, discover the superb artistic heritage of Belgium, particularly in the famed "Flemish Primi...(read more)

Barge and Bicycle: Holland and Belgium - photo by IBT
Program # 10530RJ
Barge and Bicycle: Holland and Belgium
Netherlands / Belgium
15 night(s)
04/03/2015, 05/01/2015, 09/04/2015
Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Dutch provinces of South Holland, Brabant, Zeeland, Limburg and Gelderland and the Flanders region of B...(read more)

Brussels Royal Palace. Courtesy of the Belgian Tourist Office NYC/USA
Program # 19401RJ
Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris: Cities of Inspiration
Netherlands / Belgium / France
13 night(s)
04/24/2015, 05/08/2015, 05/29/2015, 07/10/2015, 09/04/2015, 09/18/2015, 10/30/2015
Journey through three countries to experience fascinating cities that encapsulate much of European history, culture and modern life: energetic Amsterd...(read more)

Tour of England, Belgium, and France
Program # 21688RJ
Europe in the 20th Century: War and Beauty in London, Brussels & Paris
United Kingdom / France / Belgium
History & Culture
13 night(s)
05/13/2015, 09/30/2015
From the Belle Époque to the home of the EU. From the depths of a World War II bunker in London to the heights of Paris’ intellectual scene. Follow th...(read more)

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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