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Top 10 Learning Experiences
Around the World

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Program # 20739RJ
The Best of Morocco: Ancient Medinas to Modern Identity
12 night(s)
03/14/2015, 10/24/2015, 03/12/2016, 10/15/2016
No country conjures up images of ancient medinas and bustling bazaars, evokes the smell of mint tea and spices, or touches the spirit with the sound o...(read more)

Program # 21336RJ
The Best of Spain: Barcelona and Madrid
9 night(s)
03/20/2015, 04/17/2015, 05/01/2015, 05/22/2015, 06/12/2015, 09/11/2015, 09/18/2015, 09/25/2015, 10/16/2015, 10/30/2015 (and 3 additional dates...)
Gaudi and Picasso. Paella and tapas. Mediterranean chic and capital-city grandeur. There are no other cities in the world like Barcelona and Madrid. J...(read more)

Program # 20644RJ
A Southern Coastal Trilogy: Charleston, Savannah and Jekyll Island
Charleston, South Carolina
On the Road
10 night(s)
03/22/2015, 04/19/2015, 09/13/2015, 10/04/2015
Explore the historic jewels of Charleston, Savannah and Jekyll Island on a foray into history, culture and low country cuisine. Traverse 300-year-old ...(read more)

Program # 20983RJ
The Best of Portugal: From the Age of Discovery to Today
9 night(s)
04/02/2015, 05/02/2015, 05/09/2015, 05/30/2015, 09/19/2015, 09/26/2015, 10/08/2015, 10/31/2015, 11/14/2015
Six centuries ago, ships and sailors departed Portugal’s shores to find fresh knowledge, vast riches and not a little conflict during a period known a...(read more)

Program # 21780RJ
Italian Extravaganza: Celebrate 40 Years in Rome, Florence and Venice
13 night(s)
04/12/2015, 05/17/2015, 09/27/2015, 10/18/2015
You’re invited to celebrate Road Scholar’s 40th Anniversary in one of our favorite countries: Italy. With its combination of ancient history, world-fa...(read more)

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Program # 21095RJ
The Best of Northern France: Paris and Normandy
8 night(s)
04/16/2015, 04/30/2015, 05/14/2015, 05/21/2015, 09/03/2015, 09/10/2015, 09/17/2015, 09/24/2015, 10/01/2015, 10/08/2015 (and 2 additional dates...)
Experience two faces of France on this journey that combines field trips led by top-notch Road Scholar experts with plenty of time for independent dis...(read more)

Program # 20792RJ
Classical Germany: The Music of Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden
Music Appreciation, Opera
12 night(s)
04/16/2015, 05/21/2015, 09/24/2015, 10/29/2015, 11/12/2015
Immerse yourself in the unparalleled musical heritage of Germany, home of brilliant composers and stunning temples to art and acoustics. In the cultur...(read more)

Program # 21810RJ
Signature City Kansas City: Music, Arts and BBQ
Kansas City, Missouri
Signature Cities, History & Culture
5 night(s)
04/19/2015, 05/03/2015, 10/18/2015
Combine all the fountains in Rome with more boulevards than Paris, throw in more than 100 BBQ joints and top it off with some stompin’ jazz and you’ve...(read more)

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Program # 21770RJ
Let the Good Times Roll: Jazz Fest in New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
Music Festivals, Music Appreciation
5 night(s)
Experience the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage of every serious American music fan —Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Spend three days at the festival surrounde...(read more)

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Program # 21096RJ
The Best of Southern France: Provence and the Cote d'Azur
8 night(s)
04/23/2015, 05/07/2015, 05/21/2015, 09/10/2015, 09/24/2015, 10/08/2015, 10/29/2015
From the green hills, sunbaked villages and lavender fields of Provence to the brilliant azure waters and billowing white sails of the French Riviera,...(read more)

Showing 1 - 10 of 53 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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