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Program # 20974RJ
Discovering Machu Picchu and the Galapagos
Galapagos Islands / Ecuador / Peru
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Small Ship Cruising
14 night(s)
10/19/2014, 11/02/2014, 11/30/2014, 02/21/2015, 03/21/2015, 05/02/2015, 05/16/2015, 09/19/2015, 10/31/2015, 11/14/2015 (and 1 additional dates...)
In this amazing South American adventure, walk in the footsteps of the ancient Inca as you experience the history of Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley a...(read more)

Program # 21567RJ
The Best of South America: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu and Easter Island
Argentina / Brazil / Peru / Chile / Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
17 night(s)
10/21/2014, 11/04/2014, 01/06/2015, 01/13/2015, 02/03/2015, 02/17/2015, 03/03/2015, 03/17/2015, 04/07/2015, 05/05/2015 (and 1 additional dates...)
The pounding waters of Iguazu Falls. Morning sunlight illuminating the ruins of Machu Picchu. Sacred statues guarding the secrets of Easter Island. Th...(read more)

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Program # 3280RJ
Majesty and Mystery: Ancient Civilizations of Peru
12 night(s)
10/23/2014, 01/22/2015, 03/12/2015, 04/16/2015, 05/14/2015, 06/04/2015, 07/23/2015, 08/13/2015, 09/03/2015, 09/24/2015 (and 2 additional dates...)
Nestled amid Andean peaks, Machu Picchu beckons modern explorers to walk in the footsteps of the ancient Inca. But this UNESCO World Heritage Site isn...(read more)

Program # 20615RJ
Education and Ecology in the Peruvian Amazon
Service Learning
10 night(s)
10/29/2014, 04/15/2015, 10/14/2015
Few places on earth can rival the Peruvian Amazon rainforest for diversity of flora and fauna. Its lush canopy also hides small, remote villages home ...(read more)

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Program # 18484RJ
The Best of the Galápagos and Peru: From Enchanted Islands to Machu Picchu
Galapagos Islands / Ecuador / Peru
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Small Ship Cruising
16 night(s)
10/30/2014, 11/20/2014, 12/04/2014, 12/17/2014, 01/16/2015, 02/06/2015, 02/20/2015, 03/06/2015, 03/20/2015, 04/10/2015 (and 18 additional dates...)
Few other places inspire such wonder and awe as the Galápagos Islands and the Incan Lost City of Machu Picchu. Experience both of these destinations a...(read more)

Program # 19937RJ
Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
11 night(s)
11/04/2014, 04/14/2015, 05/05/2015, 06/02/2015, 07/28/2015, 08/18/2015, 09/01/2015, 10/13/2015, 11/03/2015
Let your feet carry you into natural beauty, mystery and even spiritual awareness on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The Inca constructed an advanced ...(read more)

Program # 20942RJ
The Incas, the Amazon and Coastal Desert: An Active Family Adventure in Peru
Family Programs
12 - 17 years of age
12 night(s)
12/21/2014, 07/07/2015, 12/21/2015
Share a family adventure that brings three generations to three exciting parts of Peru. Then meet penguins, sea lions and more swooping seabirds than ...(read more)

Program # 19210RJ
Peru and Bolivia: Machu Picchu and Beyond
Peru / Bolivia
13 night(s)
02/12/2015, 04/23/2015, 06/11/2015, 09/10/2015, 10/01/2015, 10/15/2015
Unearth the treasures of two of South America’s most fascinating countries, Peru and Bolivia, from “The Lost City of the Incas” and the pre-Incan ruin...(read more)

Program # 21221RJ
Peru to New York: The Inca and Maya, the Panama Canal and More
Peru / Ecuador / Panama / Costa Rica / Guatemala / Honduras / Mexico / United States
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Ocean Cruises
22 night(s)
On a grand voyage from Peru to New York, discover the treasures of the Incas and the Mayans, experience life at an Ecuadorian hacienda, sail through t...(read more)

Program # 20941RJ
The Incas and the Amazon: An Active Grandparent Adventure
12 - 17 years of age
12 night(s)
06/15/2015, 07/10/2015, 07/21/2015
With a young learner at your side, experience the excitement of three very different parts of Peru. Journey to a jungle lodge in the Peruvian Amazon, ...(read more)

Showing 1 - 10 of 12 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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