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What Our Participants Say

I like Road Scholar because I can safely travel with a group I know will be interested in learning. My meals, lodging and transportation and activities will all be arranged for me. I am single, and I love learning, adventure and meeting new people!
— Dorinda G., Massachusetts

Each adventure is filled with fascinating information, special access to the sites, and interesting and fun fellow participants. Lifelong learning makes my horizons limitless.
— Judie F., California

The behind-the-scenes access is unbeatable.
- Louise M., Massachusetts

…The programs afford so many different opportunities to learn and experience things that I could not otherwise do in a typical setting. I like the concept of traveling with a group of individuals from all over the U.S. who have the same enthusiasm for learning and exploring new things. And the programs are all inclusive, which means they take care of all the details.
— Joyce E., Maryland

I’ve found the programs to be very well-organized, with knowledgeable guides and lecturers. And the group experience has always been fun.
— Mary Beth D., Illinois

Interesting programs, great opportunities to hike new trails and an awesome variety of hiking programs to choose from in beautiful locations.
— Ronny K., Connecticut

I have been on 28 Road Scholar programs. It would be impossible for me to choose the best one. Each in its own way has filled me with a desire to return, but my list of destinations only gets longer, and so the day I get home I’m planning what part of the world I’d like to visit next.
— Barbara S., New Hampshire


Whether educating or helping to fulfill lifelong dreams, Road Scholar programs touch the lives of thousands of older adults every year. Here’s what those participants from 2014 said Road Scholar meant to them…

92% of participants learned something new
44% were revitalized by their program experience
32% had their perspective on the world changed
27% stepped outside their comfort zone
20% fulfilled a lifelong dream

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