Photo Contest

Terms & Conditions

Photo Contest Rules and Conditions
Participants are allowed to enter an unlimited number of photos, but should only submit each photo one time. The winners will be notified via phone or e-mail on a rolling basis. Winning photos will appear on the cover of a Road Scholar printed publication, and a photo of the photographer will appear on the inside cover of the publication. Names of the winners will also be published on websites related to the contest, printed materials and other media where winning photographs are displayed. Photos will become the property of Elderhostel, Inc. Please do not submit work and storage media, such as CDs, as they cannot be returned.

By submitting photos to the Road Scholar Photo Contest, participants are deemed to have read, understand and be in agreement with all rules and conditions. Elderhostel, Inc. reserves the right to rule on any issue(s) not covered by this pamphlet.

Elderhostel, Inc. will not be responsible for any claims or complaints against infringement of rights or damages from third parties relating to the subject/subject matter of entries, and the entrant agrees to indemnify and hold Elderhostel, Inc. harmless in such cases.

Rights of entrant
Entrants retain all copyrights and other equivalent rights to entered photographs. However, Elderhostel, Inc. will possess rights as stated below in "Rights of Elderhostel."

Rights of Road Scholar
Elderhostel, Inc. reserves the right of permanent, nonexclusive and unlimited usage to publish, reproduce, display, distribute and show on screen submitted photographs and/or participant quotes on its website, catalogs or any other media that is under the management of Elderhostel for the purpose of promoting the contest or Road Scholar programs. In all cases where such photographs are used, Elderhostel reserves the right to do so without obtaining the further prior permission of the winner and without offering any compensation in any form.