Photo Contest
Frequently Asked Questions

Winning & Prizes
1. When will the winners be announced?
Winners will be announced on a rolling basis. Keep checking our website to see the latest winners!
2. How will winners be notified?
Winners will be notified via e-mail on a rolling basis.
3. Will I be notified if I am NOT chosen as a winner?
No. Due to the large number of submissions, we cannot notify all entrants of their status. Also, because this is a rolling contest there's always a chance that you could be a winner!
4. What are the prizes?
Winners receive a $50 Road Scholar program voucher, and we'll mail you extra copies of the publication your photo is featured on to share with your friends and family.
5. What if I submitted a photo to your previous photo contest? Can I submit it again?
There's no need to! We will be automatically re-entering ALL past photo contest entries (whether or not you won) into this new photo contest.
6. Can I win more than once?
Yes, but not for the same photo.

Eligibility requirements
1. How many photos can I submit?
As many as you want. Send each photo in a seperate e-mail.
2. Do you accept nondigital photographs?
Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to accept nondigital photographs submitted by mail.
3. Is there a size limit to the photographs?
Photographs should be no smaller than 1 MB (megabytes) or 1,024 KB (kilobytes) or larger than 8 MB.
4. Why do you specify photo size in MB (megabytes) and KB (kilobytes) instead of inches?
This is important to us because we want to make sure the photo is the best quality for reproducing on a publication cover.
5. I don't know how many MB (megabytes) or KB (kilobytes) my photo is — how can I determine this?
If you are having trouble identifying the size of your photo in MB or KB, try attaching it to an e-mail. Once it is attached, the size of the photo usually appears as a number after the name of the photo like this: Desert Landscape.jpg 521KB. If that doesn't work, resize your image so that it is no smaller than 8"x10" at 300 pixels/inch. This will most likely be larger than 1 MB or 1,024 KB and should be fine to e-mail to us.
6. Does my photograph have to have been taken on a Road Scholar program?
7. Can photographs be cropped?
8. Can photographs be manipulated or enhanced?
No. Minor adjustments for contrast and color are acceptable, but if your photo has been obviously manipulated, it may be disqualified.
9. Are Road Scholar employees eligible to participate in the photo contest?
10. My photograph was a winner in a previous Road Scholar photo contest. Can I submit it in this new contest?
There's no need to! We will be automatically re-entering ALL past photo contest entries (whether or not you won) into this new photo contest.
11. My photograph was a winner in an outside photo contest. Can I submit it to the Road Scholar Photo Contest?

1. There are people in my photograph. Do I need their permission to submit my photo to the contest?
If the person/persons in the photograph are Road Scholar program participants or group leaders, you do not need to obtain special permission. Road Scholar retains the right to photograph participants and group leaders during programs.
If a photograph contains an image of an unrecognizable non-program participant — such as someone standing far in the background — you do not need to obtain a release form from them.
However, if a photograph contains an image of a recognizable non-program participant, it is recommended that you obtain a personal release statement granting their permission. Road Scholar is not responsible for obtaining release forms from non-program participants and will not be held liable for any types of claims.
2. What rights to my photograph do I retain?
Please see the "Rights" paragraphs in our terms and conditions.

Submitting Photos:
1. How do I submit a photo?
To submit a photo, send an email to with your photograph attached. Be sure to include the following information: your name, the location where the photo was taken, the program that your photo was taken on, and an approximate date when the photo was taken.
2. How do I know if my photo was submitted successfully?
Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to confirm the arrival of each and every submission.
3. Do I need to agree to terms and conditions in my e-mail?
By submitting your e-mail, we assume that you do agree to the terms and conditions of the contest. For more information, please see terms and conditions.

1. Where can I send questions and feedback?
Please send questions and feedback to