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Rose Parade®: A Heritage to Celebrate

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Road Scholar
Program #10515RJ
6 Days | 5 Nights
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Allison from Cocoa, FL Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
Experience of a lifetime! I've seen the Rose Bowl Parade on TV since I was a kid. Being part of the Road Scholar program I was not only up close and personal with the floats and parade I feel like I made a valuable contribution helping a community make it's dream come alive!

Karen from Wheaton, IL Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
So many friends said this was a life long dream. I got to do it, not just dream. A wonderful experience.

Claudia from Olmsted Twp, OH Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
The Rose Parade program was more than I expected. Everything was very well organized and I learned a lot about behind the scene, picking a Rose Queen and met many very nice and interesting people. I liked that we could sit with different people, not just our group, as that gave us an opportunity to meet and learn about our fellow travelers and some have taken many trips with Road Scholar and had tips to give us new people. Thank you for a great experience.

Robert from Memramcook, NB Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
It was a week full of adventure. The parade was above expectation,and the museums: the Getty,Northern-Simon,Hunthington,and Reagan were there for us to enjoy and remember.Peg, Carlos and all the group leaders and chauffeurs were excellent,so were the lecturers.Coming in from Canada motivated us to enjoy all we could, Have a good day, see you soon in another program,Cecile and Robert.

Jean from Orleans, MA Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
this was an excellent program; led professionally and personably by Jeff and Jill. Road Scholar is the ultimate professioanal organization to participate in the Rose Bowl Parade celebrations. Jean

Jacqueline from Greenville, SC Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
Traveling alone was not a problem. There were other unattached travelers to become acquainted with. I was very satisfied with the program and all that went with it. Being at the Rose Bowl Parade was a fabulous experience for me. I also very much enjoyed spending some time at the J. Paul Getty Museum, a place to return to!

James from Egg Harbor Township, NJ Number of programs attended: 11
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
The Rose Parade program is the perfect combination of work, fun, education, new experiences, and being in a warm climate during the winter

Sally from East Rochester, OH Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
What a great program...Even getting up that early to have breakfast and leave on the motorcoach for Pasadena, I would do it again!!!!!!!! Just a marvelous experience. The activities were just the right amount...Trust me, I will not be buying any oasis glue. being a part of such a monumental experience has been wonderful!. Thank you!

Toni from Albuquerque, NM Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
This was a wonderful program; well-organized, well-timed and thorough. On my own I would never have been able to navigate the southern California traffic and highways, much less participate in all the activities that were available. It was a childhood dream of mine to go to the Rose Parade, and now, 52 years later I not only saw the parade from well-positioned bleachers, but had opportunity for many related learning experiences. The speakers prepared us well for the events, the hotel staff fed us well both early and late, the group leaders and bus drivers got us where we needed to be. I met many interesting people, (we ranged in age from mid-40's to 92) and it was a great way to end one year and begin a new one.

Sandra from Sussex, NJ Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
The rose parade was on my bucket list, but I did not expect the value I received from Road Scholars. The program went well beyond my expectations. What a thrill. I will never forget this trip

Sherry from Hayward, CA Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
Worth Doing! An educational, fun, different adventure. I was able to fulfill a long-held desire and share the experience with friends. The accommodations were very nice, staff friendly and efficient, leaders exceptional, and the diversity of activities during the week made for a well rounded experience. Haven't stopped talking about it!

Willie from Fresno, CA Number of programs attended: 27
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
I had attended the Rose Parade before with one overnight and the bus parking near the parade. This RS was experiencing the parade. Decoarating the floats made me feel a part of the parade and I didn't want to miss any scheduled events. The lectures by the volunteer, previous queen and float judge were outstanding and helped me understand the details of the parade. The many volunteers and what it takes to move the floats to Colorado street is amazing. Viewing the floats the day after was wonderful as we got to see the detail in the floats that one is not able to focus on as they drive by during the parade. Our guide, Hildy, was great - knew all the details to keep things going smooth and a slouth in finding our disappearing treats.
The Hilton food and servers were over the top. I had invited a gal to be my roommate and she was also impressed. Said she like to travel with RS again. Roadscholar you are the BEST! I've traveled with other organizations and you beat them all.

Marilyn from Nevis, MN Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
Marilyn from Nevis, Mn Had a wonderful. Very well organized. Great Experience and fun to be where the action was.

Suzanne from Mount Pleasant, MI Number of programs attended: 9
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
We just returned from the Road Scholar Rose Parade program. We had a "once in a lifetime" experience. We were able to get behind the scenes and actually work on a float which made our Rose Parade experience even more meaningful.

Constance from Lady Lake, FL Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
My virginal voyage as a Road Scholar was tons of fun-fun-fun from start to finish. EVERYONE was informative, patient, efficient and extremely pleasant. I packed all the appropriate goodies as per the info contained in the packet I rec'd prior to my trip. I loved our pretty in PINK group leader, Lynn. Peter, our bus driver, was a miracle worker...we were always at the right place at the right time without incident. The hotel was lovely with an exceptional staff at every position. The hands on float decorating experience was truly remarkable...beyond my expectations. The parade was magnificent. How Road Scholar arranged for the Cal-Poly float to break down right in front of us so we could enjoy the irony of all that, is quite beyond me. My roommate was selected by Road Scholar and she was a delightful human being and a joy to share this experience with. I observed nary a "hiccup" throughout by entire adventure....kudos to Road Scholar and hip-hip-hooray!!

Amy from Ashland, OR Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 12/28/13 - 01/02/14
Great experience for the money. Very comprehensive. Well-organized. Fun. Not too long. Not too short. You'll feel you've had the Rose Parade experiences.

Dom from Las Vegas, NV Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
As I spoke and greeted 'Happy New Year' to my bride and fellow Road Scholar participants while boarding a motor coach I saw my breath in the cold morning air of Southern California. Who would haver though SoCal could get so cold? I grab the first available cold, vinyl seat and settled-in. While waiting for the motor coach to complete its destination my thoughts drifted back to the wonderful events I had experienced. Feeling like a school-boy attending his first parade, a life-long dream of attending the Rose Parade was only moments away. Thoughts of watching fifty previous Rose Parades on television passed my mind. Only wishing I could be there. The traffic was endless, however the motor coach driver migrated his way to our special spot. The sun started to peak its smile over the San Bernadino mountains as my thoughts drifted onto events of how amazing it was to decorate a float, meet coordinators & directors of the parade, judges and past Rose Queens whose stories were simply amazing. Knowing I would see these flosts - up close and personal started to esculate my expectations. The crowds were buzzing. Excitment filled the air. The motor coach reached its final destination and this school boy reached his.

Barbara from Tucson, AZ Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
Road Scholar is one of the best if not the best travel program existing today. My many years of working in the travel industry as a tour director, travel agent and working for Qantas Airways in Public Relations I know the best tour companys. Road Scholar keep up the good work and many more trips for me for sure.

Charlene from Alexander City, AL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
It was well organized, and every detail had been taken care of before we arrived. Being able to see all that goes into making this parade happen was so interesting. Tha hands on activities of working on a float and seeing the finished floats up close at the post parade viewing were my favorite parts. Do wear layers, comfortabe shoes, and bring scissors in your checked luggage. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this fabulous trip!

Rosalyn from Haddonfield, NJ Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
We now how a greater appreciation of the hard work, talent and creativity that goes into the Rose Bowl floats. We also found the high school bands to be thoughly enjoyable. Lots of talent, precision and dedication by these young people

Peter from Cedar Rapids, IA Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
While there were some less-than-stellar components, the Rose Parade Road Scholar program was satisfying, informative, and worth while. Working on a float gave me a much greater appreciation of the complexity of the process, of the detail and planning involved in the decoration, and of the large numbers of volunteers necessary to produce this spectacle each year. Seeing the floats up close during the post-parade viewing made them even more spectacular than seeing them in the parade, which was way better than seeing it on TV. The trip to the Getty Villa added a grat deal to the experience, as did the presentation about how the floats were judged. The Orange Tribe leaders were all that could be asked for.
The over-crowded (ten at tables designed for eight) and noisy dining arrnagements, the dreadful (muddy sound, rather talent-free) music on New Year's Eve, the obviously "filler" programming on two other nights (western riders and some female), a former queen's un-inspired presentation, the distant location of the hotel from all activities, and eating in a mass rather than by "tribes" which made it more difficult to know your fellow "members" did not contribute to the quality of the program.
All-in-aall, I'm glad we did this in southern California in January rather than being in the Midwest at this time of the year.

Boyd from Manlius, NY Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
Oh, the places we went!
Oh, the experiences we shared!
Oh, the fun we had!
Oh, the friends we met!
Oh, it was great!

Thanks to all for the memories.

Boyd & Julie Rimel, Syracuse, NY

Shirley from Portsmouth, RI Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
The tournament of Roses program was very well planned & filled with fun & interesting things to do every day. Decorating a float was wonderful once in a lifetime event. My mother (who lived in Pasadena as a child & teen would have been thrilled.) The LaCanada float team was very friendly & we won the animation award! We also enjoyed the Getty Villa as we'd not been there on previous trips to CA. The Woodland Hills Hilton was very comfortable & the food & service were very good. Our leader, Jiggs Gallagher was well informed & entertaining. The handouts & advance info were very good. We many fun & interesting people. The only negatives were the length of the bus trips from woodland Hills to Pasadena & back. New Years Eve dinner could have been a but more festive. The large screen TV in the ballroom was on the wrong channel, so none of us actually knew when the ball dropped in NYC.

John from Thomasville, GA Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
When I learned there would be over 300 people, I was worried. But the leaders did a good job breaking us down into manageable groups. The only real problem was in the room for common meals the noise level was so loud that conversations with thoes at your table was difficut. Otherwise the events exceed my expetations. After 50+ years of watching the parade on TV, seeing it live and actually helping to decorate Dino Soar is a memory not to forget. Live, the colors are so much better than TV. When ever I watch the parade in the future, I will realize the work that goes into each float. The cowboy evening program was obviously a filler and did not fit the overall intent of the program. I suggest you look hard and find another event to fill that slot. Jiggs was an excellent handler for our group. I will recommend the program to others. John and Connie Wood, Thomasville, Georgia.

Judy from Atlanta, GA Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
Enjoyed working on the floats. I had ask to do that and my decorating company was very helpful. Met some very interesting people.

Phyllis from Bayside, WI Number of programs attended: 7
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
Great program, the experiences provided gave a pride of participation that made the Parade more fun to watch.

Claire from New Rochelle, NY Number of programs attended: 8
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
It was a wonderful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed learning what goes into making the Rose Parade, how the Queen and her court are chosen, how the floats are judged, and how the parade evolved over the years. But most of all, I loved helping decorate a float--from snipping roses and putting them into water-filled vials, to adding them to the Wisconsin float. It was exciting being part of the hustle and bustle of the last minute preparations in the float barn.

Barbara from Lakeside, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
Barbara from San Diego, CA
This is was a FABULOUS opportunity to experience a NOT TO BE MISSED THIS LIFETIME trip. All details handled to perfection. The small group arrangement allowed for afeeling of comraderie. As an "ex band geek" I especially loved the BandFest activity. I am seriously considering ATTENDING AGAIN next year !!

John from Moline, IL Number of programs attended: 11
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
An outstanding program, with remarkably effective logistics and fine presentors, plus the thrill of a hands-on experience, helping build the prize-winning La Canada float DinoSoar. We were even recognized in print by the volunteer organization as "Rhodes Scholar" volunteers! Congratulations to the entire team.

Frank from Norristown, PA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
OUTSTANDING!! Our leader, John Callahan, saw to it that all the I(s)were dotted and the T(s)were crossed. Nothing and I mean nothing was left to chance.The meals and waitstaff,bus driver and speaker were first class.This is a most do activity with Road Scholars so put it on your bucket list.

Tom from Apex, NC Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
Another Rhode Scholar winner. Everything was done flawlessly from check-in to the final post parade float review. We really enjoyed our chance to climb on the floats and glue flowers, rice, silver leaf and other varied plant materials in a very happily tiring day. I read the complaints below about hotel buffet lines. They were non existent for us. The Hilton staff is amazingly friendly and efficient. The food was excellent. Our speakers were outstanding during the week. Parade viewing from our front row bleacher seats couldn't be beat. In summary, this exceeded all my expectations.

Sally from Marietta, GA Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 12/28/12 - 01/02/13
If you ever thought about actually being at the Rose Parade instead of just watching it on TV, you need to sign up for the Tournament of Roses trip for2013--it was great!

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"from my tournament of roses journal" Uploaded By: Susan

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"The Green Team working on the City of Alhambra float" Uploaded By: Pat

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"Boyd & Julie from Syracuse, NY" Uploaded By: Boyd

"Front row at the Rose Parade with other Road Scholars. A not to e missed experience!" Uploaded By: Tom

"Pie eating contest" Uploaded By: Richard Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"Up close on the next day." Uploaded By: Richard Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"Incredible detail" Uploaded By: Richard Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"Look closely at the eyes. " Uploaded By: Richard Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

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"awaiting placement on La Canada Flintridge float" Uploaded By: Darla Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"proud decorators" Uploaded By: Darla Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"rose petals to roses" Uploaded By: Darla Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"attention to detail" Uploaded By: Darla Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"applying sticky glue and grated carrot" Uploaded By: Darla Attended: 12/28/10 - 01/02/11

"Decorating a float in the 2010 Rose Parade program" Uploaded By: Marcia

"Participants enjoying Tournament of Roses Parade" Uploaded By: Marcia

"Decorating a float for the 2010 Rose Parade" Uploaded By: Marcia

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