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Best of the Chesapeake Bay

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Susan from Towson, MD Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 10/18/15 - 10/23/15
After living in Maryland for 30-plus years, I now have a new, reality-and information-based perspective of life on the Eastern Shore, thanks to the Road Scholar "Best of the Chesapeake" program.

Robert from St Augustine, FL Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 10/11/15 - 10/16/15
This is a great three-day program stretched unmercifully to five days. The food is fine, great in several places! We learned a lot from good interpreters on the sociology, economics, and ecology of the area. The housing is in the only place in town - an antiquated, dilapidated, crummy motel. We left after four nights in those beds.

William from Winchester, VA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 10/11/15 - 10/16/15
I thoroughly enjoyed the program at many different levels. The instructors are well informed and their lectures were incredible. I gained a lot of insight into the seafood industry, along with an overview of their culture, local and regional history, and environmental setting and concerns. Of course the seafood meals, and lots of them, were... well I am now on a diet if that says anything.

David from Carlisle, PA Number of programs attended: 14
Date attended: 10/04/15 - 10/09/15
Crisfield and the seafood industry are fascinating. The offshore islands are enchanting. A way of life that is disappearing but not yet gone. A rare treat in this day of rush and hurry.

Carol from Akron, OH Number of programs attended: 18
Date attended: 09/20/15 - 09/25/15
This program takes place in a very remote part of the Chesapeake Bay area. Since I have never been to this part of the U.S. before, I wanted to learn about the history as well as to discover the fishing, crabbing, oyster industries there. I was not disappointed because the program coordinators have perfected a great experience. Short boat trips to Tangier and Smith Islands were also very interesting . And the delicious Maryland crab cakes and the Smith Island pastry cakes are not to be forgotten!! The whole week was certainly an educational adventure!

Nancy from Richfield, MN Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/13/15 - 09/18/15
this was our first road scholar outing, and we were very happy with it. charlie and tim were excellent leaders and made the week fun. the activity level was perfect with full days but not overly strenuous schedules. the food was excellent. we gained a lot of insight into the area without the talks being too pedantic.

Susan from Henrico, VA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/13/15 - 09/18/15
A wonderful educational program about the Waterman and crabbing of the Chesapeake Bay. My knowledge and appreciation of the blue crab industry and the people who make it possible was increased 10 fold. Charle, the director, is entertaining as well as informative.

Sara from Phoenix, AZ Number of programs attended: 18
Date attended: 06/21/15 - 06/26/15
A great program if you are at all interested in the Chesapeak. The leaders, Charlie & Tim were exceptional. Almost wish I was still there!!

Barbara from Port Jefferson, NY Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/14/15 - 06/19/15
An enlightening program for those who have an interest in history and current life styles in a maritime industry.

Paul from Midlothian, VA Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 06/07/15 - 06/12/15
My goal was to learn about the history and current economic importance of the Chesapeake Bay, presented in an understandable and interesting manner. My goal was exceeded.

William from Greenville, SC Number of programs attended: 17
Date attended: 06/07/15 - 06/12/15
The program was very good and informative. Field trips were 1 hr boat rides to remote islands and they contributed to the program experience and information. Food was plentiful and very good. The seafood was worth coming to the program for especially the soft shell crabs. The motel was very clean, comfortable and located well for the program experience, but less than mid class.

Sandi from Frederick, MD Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/07/15 - 06/12/15
The Chesapeake Bay Experience is a fun-filled, information-filled, and food-filled adventure. It was very well organized and the group leaders and lecturers were very knowledgeable, warm and friendly. It was nice to travel with like-minded people and I would recommend this excursion for anyone who wants to learn more about one of our national treasures, The Chesapeake Bay of Maryland and Virginia.

Marsha from San Francisco, CA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/17/15 - 05/22/15
Terrific leaders and instructors made this program a winner for me! Accommodations are kind of shabby, but probably the best in town. Good food and interesting trips to Tangier and Smith Island. Great accents in those two places.

Al from Clermont, FL Number of programs attended: 61
Date attended: 06/07/15 - 06/12/15
Want to take a small step back in time? The Road Scholar Program, Best of Chesapeake Bay, at Crisfield, MD, is the one for you. It is one of most affordable programs and though it is very near the population center of the U.S. time has a way slowing down.

Sue from Palmetto, FL Number of programs attended: 15
Date attended: 05/10/15 - 05/15/15
Super program - one of the best we've been to - the leaders were excellent, the information was almost overwhelming, the area is fascinating, the people we encountered were friendly and informative. Highly recommend the program. Bill and Sue Wait

Ernest from Fairfax, VA Number of programs attended: 14
Date attended: 05/10/15 - 05/15/15
Great program! Don't let your first impression of Christfield discourage you. The recession of 2008 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 left some scars but this resilient community is recovering with a vengeance. The group leaders, Charlie and Kim, were among the best I've encountered in my dozen or so RS programs. I rate it among the best, even without 4-star hotel.

William from Louisville, KY Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/10/15 - 05/15/15
Excellent program,excellent food!

Joan from Hagerstown, MD Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 05/03/15 - 05/08/15
We booked this trip because we were curious about the Eastern Shore and life on the Chesapeake Bay. It was an opportunity to visit Smith Island & Tangier Island, which we had heard so much about. Our leader/coordinator was excellent in presenting programs of the history & way of life of this unique area. Our activities were varied, with some free time to further explore the area. We would highly recommend this trip!

Calvin from South Windsor, CT Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 04/26/15 - 05/01/15
Charlie & Tim were wonderful and attentive hosts. We enjoyed and gained an appreciation for living as watermen on an island in the bay and how this industry has changed over the past century.

Richard from Newtown Square, PA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/03/15 - 05/08/15
Attended May 3rd thru May 8th--It turned out to be a very informative program--more than I anticipated--was a great learning experience--both Charlie and Tim, along with the scheduled speakers,were great hosts and teachers--would reccommend this program to anyone who is curious about the Delmarva area and its heritage--was about a lot more than crabs and oysters

Donna from Little Rock, AR Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 10/12/14 - 10/17/14
This is truly one program that you "can't judge the book by its cover". Crisfield on first impression is poor. However, after you open your mind and begin to learn about the riches of this town, you will be so much more appreciative of the next crab and oyster dinner you have. The coffee at Gordon's is the best.

Willard from Budd Lake, NJ Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 10/12/14 - 10/17/14
This program was my first and far exceeded my expectations. The field trips were informative and well run. Our leader, Charlie, was very personable and appeared to interact with all and made everyone feel special and appreciated. After this trip, I will look for another Road scholar trip to take in the near future.

Joseph from Audubon, NJ Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 10/12/14 - 10/17/14
The "Best of the Chesapeake Bay" program was enjoyable, educational, invigorating, just right in activity level, very well run, sociable, allowing ample time for rest or individual exploration, and accommodating to the individual needs of all participants. I was wholly satisfied and would recommend it to others.

Lois from Indianapolis, IN Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 10/05/14 - 10/10/14
I came away from Crisfield feeling like I had been totally immersed in the local culture for five days.

Clayton from Churchville, VA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/28/14 - 10/03/14
A most enjoyable experience, and this was our first Road Scholar trip. The program is well planned and the schedule came off as planned with Charlie's and Tim's guidance. We learned many new things and unlearned some of what we thought we knew about the Chesapeake Bay. The seafood was the best ever, cooked to perfection. Our group was fun, interesting and congenial. We enjoyed being with everyone.

Eugene from Chicago, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 10/05/14 - 10/10/14
This is a great program for people interested in learning about the Chesapeake Bay and the history of its coastal and island communities.

Dianne from Pottstown, PA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/28/14 - 10/03/14
This being my first trip with the Scholars I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, if this isn't the best I can't imagine one better. Charlie, Tim and all the guides were passionate about Crabs, Oysters and the whole area. The food was excellent and Smith Island Cake is "oh my" My fellow program attendees were friendly and gracious.

Jennifer from Dallas, TX Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 09/28/14 - 10/03/14
This is a really good one! Not flashy, but fun, down-to-earth, relaxing and informative. In particular, the food is just great. Charlie and Tim are the best. I can totally recommend this to anyone having curiosity about the area and its way of life. Thanks for a great trip!

Diane from Columbia Cross Roads, PA Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 09/28/14 - 10/03/14
This program in Crisfield was wonderful. We learned so much and had a very good time. No worries, no out-of-pocket expenses, and great hosts. Oh, and did I say anything about the food? Such good seafood. The host Charlie, made sure we had scrapple for breakfast. It was good!!! The two boat trips were so nice. I would highly recommend this program to people who love to learn about the area and eat seafood.

Frieda from Gaithersburg, MD Number of programs attended: 34
Date attended: 09/07/14 - 09/12/14
I knew nothing about the area or the subject before I decided to register. I learned a lot and enjoyed it more than I expected.

Fred from Raleigh, NC Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 09/07/14 - 09/12/14
This is great program. You learn about the life of the waterman and you become immersed for 5 days in this "out of the way Chesapeake Bay community." There are enough activities that the time seems to go fast. The leadership is excellent. Nice people, good seafood, and a friendly community. (go for it)

William from Glen Mills, PA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 06/08/14 - 06/13/14
Bill & Betty from Glen Mills,PA Our 17'th program and one of the best.We have lived within a few hours drive of the Chesapeake and Crisfield for over 50 years, but learned more in 5 days than the previous 50 years about the seafood industry in this area and especially the people--their values and culture. A very, very good program.Thanx to all.

Harriet from Milton, MA Number of programs attended: 8
Date attended: 06/08/14 - 06/13/14
A delightful week of learning about crabbing and oysters, and the way they all all enjoy their work and town. Everyone is pleasant and our particular group were wonderful and enjoyed meeting at meals. Charlie the tour guy was great. A good take.

Gary from Bloomington, IL Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 06/08/14 - 06/13/14
I think this was by far the best Road Scholar we had done. This was our 6th Road Schoar

Karen from Columbus, OH Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 06/01/14 - 06/06/14
This was an excellent and interesting program. If you go, please realize that Crisfield is a very small place. Don't choose this program if you dislike being on a ferry boat, don't like crabs, or dislike small towns. The coordinator, Charlie, and Tim from the Crisfield Heritage Foundation are both excellent and make the program!

Sylvia from Lynchburg, VA Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 05/18/14 - 05/23/14
GO on this program to learn all about the waterman culture of the Chesapeake Bay! You'll gain an appreciation of the hard-working men and women who make our access to fresh delicious seafood possible. The leaders are all experts in their field; they share their knowledge easily and with such good humor they kept us laughing the whole time.

Barbara from Macon, GA Number of programs attended: 26
Date attended: 05/18/14 - 05/23/14
This is an excellent program. The leader is knowledgeable, interesting and has a great sense of humor. All the presenters are very good. Definitely recommend the program.

Helen from Amherst, MA Number of programs attended: 81
Date attended: 05/11/14 - 05/16/14
This Chesapeake Bay program was super. We learned the history, politics and economics of the area. We especially learned all about the fishing by Watermen, for crabs and oysters. All our presenters were excellent. The visits to Tangier Island and Smith Island, introduced us to the food and culture of the area. The food was very good overall, with a strong emphasis on shellfish as might be expected from the program agenda. Our coordinator Charlie Petrocci had great knowledge of the fisheries and culture of the bay. He also had a great personality. I recommend this trip. Photos will be posted online at: www.umassk12.net/photo

Gary from Island Park, NY Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 05/04/14 - 05/09/14

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"The infamous blue crab - He's a mean one!" Uploaded By: William
"The infamous blue crab - He's a mean one!" Uploaded By: William

"Welcome to Crisfield, Maryland, "Seafood Capital of the World"" Uploaded By: William

"Ready for Picking" Uploaded By: Lorraine

"Swelling Toad" Uploaded By: Lorraine

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"Waterfront property on Smith Island" Uploaded By: Susan

"Soft crabs ready to ship" Uploaded By: Susan

"Tangier Island crab pots" Uploaded By: Susan

"The escape artist" Uploaded By: Susan

"Studying the sea chart at the coast guard station" Uploaded By: Susan

"A Methodist Church, Ewell, Smith Island" Uploaded By: Calvin

Uploaded By: Calvin

"On the way to Smith Island" Uploaded By: Calvin

"decoy, Ward Brothers carving studio" Uploaded By: Kathleen

"crab shanties, Tangier Island" Uploaded By: Kathleen

"sunset, Crisfield shipyard" Uploaded By: Kathleen

"crab pots, Tangier Island" Uploaded By: Kathleen

"crabs--for the crab-picking demonstration" Uploaded By: Kathleen

"J. Millard Tawes Library" Uploaded By: Tim

"J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum" Uploaded By: Tim

Uploaded By: Mary Beth

"Chrisfield MD" Uploaded By: Jean Attended: 10/17/10 - 10/22/10
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"Crisfield, Maryland "Heart of the Chesapeake Bay"" Uploaded By: Tim

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