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Rockies By Rail: Western Canada's Splendor

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12 Days | 11 Nights
Road Scholar has thousands of educational adventures to choose from. A good way to narrow down our list is to browse our collection of "Most Popular" programs.
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EasyFor people looking to exercise their minds more than their bodies. There’s minimal walking and not too many stairs.
ModerateThese programs get you on your feet and include activities such as walking up to a mile in a day through a city and standing in a museum for a few hours.
ActiveFor people who enjoy walking as much as two miles a day, perhaps to explore historic neighborhoods or a nature trail.
Moderately ChallengingFor hardy explorers who enjoy a good physical challenge, spending most of their days on the go.
ChallengingGet ready to keep up with our highest-energy group. These demanding — and rewarding — programs are for seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.
Helen from Palatine, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/16/15 - 07/27/15
I like this trip a lot but know up front it really is not super active, but packed with more nature sightings than you will ever see! If you love nature, you will love this trip!!

Brian from San Diego, CA Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 06/18/15 - 06/29/15
The website for me is easy to use and allows me to research trips that I think I might be interested in taking. Everything is there: dates, prices, itinerary, free time, and included meals.

Brett from Woodridge, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/18/15 - 06/29/15
Rockie's By Rail was a wonderful introduction to the Road Scholar's Program. Our 12 days trekking through Alberta and British Columbia were most enjoyable. Not only did we visit the cities of Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Quesnel, Whistler and Vancouver, but we also visitsed several museums and off road vistas. The magnificence of the Alberta and British Columbia landscape was something to behold in it's vastness and sheer beauty! The various lectures and presentations by our guest speakers were most interesting and informative. Our tour leader, Teresa Weir, was exemplary in every way. Indeed she was attentive and sensitive to the needs of the individual as well as our 25 person group. Her knowledge and expertise were impressive as well. Lastly, three days on the Rocky Mountain Railroad were fun, comfortable, and relaxing. I highly recommend Rockies By Rail for your consideration!

Carol from Canandaigua, NY Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 06/18/15 - 06/29/15
This program exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver, while learning much about its past, present and future. The museums added greatly to the experience. The lecturers and leader were outstanding.

Anne from Wilmington, NC Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 06/18/15 - 06/29/15
Teresa Weir, Group Leader, made this trip a truly spectactular trip with her leadership! Scenery, history and all other things make this trip one of the best I've ever taken. Thank you Road Scholar.

Lynne from Rochester, MN Number of programs attended: 7
Date attended: 08/21/14 - 09/01/14
A wonderful trip. Beautiful scenery. Great educational value. One of my favorite trips.

Robert from Cottage Grove, MN Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 08/14/14 - 08/25/14
The Rocky Mountain Tour was outstanding! I am very happy I made this journey with Road scholar.

Phyllis from Tucson, AZ Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 08/21/14 - 09/01/14
Phyllis from Tucson, Arizona Number of programs attended: 1 Date attended: 8/21/14 - 09/01/14 My first Road Scholar trip, “Rockies by Rail, Western Canada’s Splendor” was eye-opening. The trip was well organized, the scenery was unparalleled, the personnel were knowledgeable and helpful. Our group leader was outstanding because of her close personal connection with the area. Local presenters provided by Road Scholar were well prepared to help us explore the many facets of history, geology, wildlife and city highlights. We visited local museums and had limited time to explore on our own. The train trip exceeded my expectations. It was comfortable, offered many opportunities for photos, took us through varied terrain and included visits to Quesnel, Whistler and Vancouver. I hope to arrange more Road Scholar trips but this experience will be hard to match.

Juanita from Rochester, NY Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 08/21/14 - 09/01/14
Unforgettable! This trip is an excellent blend of top cities, parks, breathtaking lakes, a glacier, field trips w/expert guides, scenic travel (in a comfortable coach) free time & 3 days on the Rocky Mountaineer Train (Red Leaf) service. Although listed as active, the walks are casual and only the hike up to Moraine Lake a more active trek. Two of the train days are long, all-day-ers, a good 12 hours each, but with plenty of room to move about, stretch, rest, enjoy a good meal & wine. The 1st day train, scenery is mostly forests, the 2nd breathtaking views, as well as the 3rd, Whistler to Vancouver (only 3 1/2 hrs.) The travel & check in at 6 different hotels was seamless, with room keys given to us on board our bus as we arrived, thanks to our wonderful RS guide & checked baggage in our rooms within minutes. We never waited for anything. This is our 3rd RS trip and as in the past we met a great group of fellow travelers. A terrific way to see the Canadian Rockies.

Lenore from Glen Ellyn, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 08/21/14 - 09/01/14
This was our first Road Scholar trip - it won't be our last. We thoroughly enjoyed this program and our fellow travelers!

Edgar from McLean, VA Number of programs attended: 16
Date attended: 08/21/14 - 09/01/14
It is hard to imagine a more spectacular train trip as well as bus trip up the Ice Fields Parkway. The lecturers and museums were first rate. Our tour guide was superb.

David from Knoxville, TN Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 08/21/14 - 09/01/14
Our first Roads Scholar program exceeded our expectations in all categories.

Suzanne from Parkville, MD Number of programs attended: 14
Date attended: 07/17/14 - 07/28/14
Beautiful country, breathtaking views and lots of good clean air to breathe

Cynthia from Anderson, IN Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 06/19/14 - 06/30/14
A great opportunity for those of us in the U.S. to get to know our northern neighbors and explore their beautiful country. It was more than I ever expected it to be! For me, the train portion of the trip was secondary to the learning and discovery experiences that made this trip outstanding.

Darla from Fayetteville, TX Number of programs attended: 12
Date attended: 06/19/14 - 06/30/14
We love the mountains and the Canadian Rockies by Rail was a trip we enjoyed very much and will not soon forget! D & R

Marilyn from Las Vegas, NV Number of programs attended: 10
Date attended: 05/22/14 - 06/02/14
This was my 11th trip with Elderhostel, now Road Scholar and ranks as one of my favorite trips. I like traveling trips like this one so you can see a lot more country. This trip had the traveling on bus and the train (2 1/2 days on the train which was just right) and gondola up a mountain and a huge Ice Explorer on to a glacier. Our guide Teresa Weir was great. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. Our group of 31 people were so friendly and compatible. Great memories!

Margaret from Cleveland Heights, OH Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/22/14 - 06/02/14
Spectacular scenery (snow-capped peaks in near or far view for nearly the entire trip), wildlife sightings, close encounters with canyons and glaciers, excellent museums, and outstanding guides throughout made this an outstanding trip. Teresa is a gem of a leader and is largely responsible for the camaraderie that developed in the group during our shared adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

Linda from Unionville, CT Number of programs attended: 17
Date attended: 05/22/14 - 06/02/14
Road Scholar had a super group leader (Theresa Weir) and good instructors/lecturers. Scenery viewed from the Rocky Mountaineer as absolutely fantastic, also educational. I had a wonderful experience.

Mary from Albany, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/22/14 - 06/02/14
Great program and wonderful instructors. Be sure to get Teresa as your group leader. Food is plentiful at the meals. The two long days on the train are tiring, but well worth it.

Barbara from Santa Rosa, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/12/13 - 09/23/13
A great educational trip, and gorgeous country to travel through. The best guides and lecturers anywhere!

Sherry from Las Vegas, NV Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 09/12/13 - 09/23/13
Great trip. They provide what they promise. All arrangements from location to location were hassle free, and the educational programs were enjoyable and fun. Wonderful leaders, educators, and fellow travelers..

Peggy from Palo Alto, CA Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 08/22/13 - 09/02/13
The trip was great. The leaders, Blake and Edith were very conscientious. I feel the two and 1/2 train ride days were too long, especially when there is rain and fog. Blake mentioned a shorter version. I felt the group was too large. But everyone was compatible and flexible. A very nice slice of Americans. All in all the trip was good but I agree with Karen from below that the view was mainly of trees. Unfortunately most of us thought we were on a car with larger windows. Still we are glad to have taken the trip.

Karen from Forest Park, IL Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 07/18/13 - 07/29/13
The first day on the Rocky Mountaineer was 12+ hours of looking at nothing but TREES. The second day (13+ hours) did not even get us into Whistler - we had to be bussed in because it was getting too late. We arrived at a hotel room that was 90+ degrees with the air conditioning not working, so sorry the hotel is FULL. The LAST day, to Vancouver, was what I signed up for. Amazing views of the bay as we stood in the "outdoor" car. The itinery needs to be changed on this trip. Who wants to look at TREES for 12+ hours?! But we did see a lot of beautiful lakes and amazing vistas. They just need to change the train itinerary - and our tour guide AGREED.

Sylvia from Scottsdale, AZ Number of programs attended: 7
Date attended: 07/18/13 - 07/29/13
This was a vigorous, eye-opening trip - and I was remiss in my evaluation in that I did not mention so many things, such as the breathtaking vistas from the train! and the wonderful information center at Lake Louise I highly recommend this trip - This was like taking a mini-course on glaciers, The Rockies and and a touch of Canadian History!!

Judith from Bala Cynwyd, PA Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 07/18/13 - 07/29/13
Our first Road Scholar trip (to Western Canada) was with 32 people who had all traveled with Road Scholar before--some had logged dozens of RS trips! This trip gave superb learning opportunities with enthusiastic experts and ran smoothly throughout, and our fellow "Roadies" all said that had been their experience every time on every trip. We're hooked and will do MANY more!

Mary from Crest Hill, IL Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 07/18/13 - 07/29/13
Terry From Crest Hill Illinois
Number of Programs attended: 7
Date attended: 07/18/13 - 07/29/13
I was somewhat satisfied with this program. However, Road Scholar needs to be up front with the amount of time spent on the train. We were 3 1/2 days on the train. The first two days were 13 plus hour days. Only the first hour of the first day was in the Rocky Mountains. The last 1 1/2 hours on the second day was scenic. The half day on the third day was the most scenic. We should have skipped the first 2 days on the train and spend more time in the national parks. The last half day on the train was wonderful! This trip should not be classified "active". It was the most inactive, "active" tour I have been on. I felt first two days on the train were a waste of my time and money. That being said, the instructors on this tour were wonderful. I just wish we could have spent more time in the field with them.

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"June and Dan on the Rocky Mountaineer to Quesnel" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11
"June and Dan on the Rocky Mountaineer to Quesnel" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Jim and LaVonne at Lake Louise" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Rocky Mountineer coming round a bend on track!" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Drumheller Museum in Calgary" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Marg Kelly explaining Geology" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Gondola to top of Mt. Stevens, Banff " Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Columbia Icefield on the way to Jasper" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Royal Tyrrell Museum, Calgary, " Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Sculptures on the way to Stanley Park, Vancouver" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Jim & LaVonne - Mountaineer, Quesnel to Whistler" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Bob Smith on the Bow Valley Pakway" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"View of Banff from atop Mt. Stevens" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

"Gondola from Banff to Mt. Stevens in 7 minutes!" Uploaded By: Lavonne Attended: 09/14/11 - 09/26/11

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