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Reviews, photos and videos for program: America's Economic Restraints, America’s Foreign Policy, This Land is Your Land
Mitchell from Atlanta, GA Number of programs attended: 10
Date attended: 03/22/15 - 03/27/15
I would only recommend This Land is your land taught by Anne Lough, which I would highly I recommend, the other 2 subjects taught by George Yates were the worst I had ever attended at Road Scholar. Mr. Yates bio had no education or experience in subject matter compared to other presenters. Failed to hand out outline of subjects. Twice wanted to end class early: once we reminded him of the end time; the other he stopped 15 min. early. Yates was never around after class for any questions from students. read mostly from his notes. Did not have any IPad or tablet to use if he could not ans. questions. Knowledge of subject matter: did not know who leader of North Korea during Korean War; took me 15 sec. to locate ans.; Mentioned Latin America as emerging markets but could not name any specific country. Participant asked why each state had only 2 senators; yates just shrugged his shoulder & I had to answer the question. Never mentioned US foreign policy for South America. Only gave credit to Gorbachov for ending Soviet Union; no credit given to Reagan Reagan with his military build up and his SDI program which did contribute to the end of soviet union. Asked about Carter, Yates said Carter had little or no foreign policy issues. I guess the 444 day hostage taking and rescue failure, Russian invasion were little foreign issues. Did not like Supreme court's decision on Corp. campaign contributions but did not mention union's contributions Yates said wealth only created because of our system; no credit given to the individual. If his logic is correct all failures are do to the government & its system of taxation and regulation. Yates also said wealth is created by inheritance not motivation or creativity. Looked up Jobs (Apple) & B. Marcus (founder of Home Depot). Both came from families that were mechanics, carpenters or cabinet makes.

Arno from Comfort, TX Number of programs attended: 8
Date attended: 03/22/15 - 03/27/15
What a great program. The very talented musician/singer presented folk songs that reflected social changes with historical background. The Foreign Affairs presenter gave us the background and changes in foreign affairs, as well as describing the challenges. In presenting Polarization he gave facts and figures to support his analysis of the current causes, as well as historical background on previous episodes of polarization. He gave his opinions only after advising us of that fact, and provided repeated and adequate opportunity for discussion and differing views.

Katie from Atlanta, GA Number of programs attended: 10
Date attended: 03/22/15 - 03/27/15
If you are looking for a course on US Foreign Policy & Polarization that is balanced, I would not recommend it, as the instructor was definitely not balanced. However the course on the History of Folk Music was excellent & I could take that course again.

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