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Reviews, photos and videos for program: Biking Scenic Florida Byways: Nature, History and Heritage
Ben from Monroe Township, NJ Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 01/19/14 - 01/24/14
I enjoyed the people leading and participating on this trip. The meals away from the hotel were very good. I have more negative than positive things to say however. 1. I registered late and did not receive all materials which is OK since I've been on other Road Scholar trips. I was told that the literature included a statement that we'd be cycling at about 8 MPH. The trip was advertised as 'moderately challenging' as was other trips I was on. I would not have paid for a trip with such a low effort and if I paid well in advance and read 8 MPH how would I have been able to cancel? 2. According to the program details, the mileage for days 2-4 was supposed to be 30 miles, 30 miles and 33 miles. We only did 22, 30 and 24. 3. The ride leader for the 'faster group' on day 3 did not use hand signals or voice warnings, especially did not indicate when stopping, and would start going right and then turn left. I appreciate that the ride leaders were volunteers but it seems that someone who virtually is a solo rider should not lead a group especially when the group not familiar with each other and more important not familiar with the leader. 4. The hotel food was mediocre and the entire downstairs was cold. Since I came from the a Northern sate, I had warm clothing but didn't anticipate needing it indoors. The wireless wifi wasn't good and cell service in the hotel was iffy.

Marilee from Palm Beach Gardens, FL Number of programs attended: 28
Date attended: 01/20/13 - 01/25/13
I agree with Pat for the most part. It was the enthusiasm of the leaders and fellow bikers that made this trip special. Most of our trips were fun and just the right challenge. However, yes, a bit of fine tuning could push this into the 5 star category. One example... we visited a historic hospital exhibit which was interesting, but only half the group could go in at once which meant everyone else just cooled their heels for 45 minutes in the parking lot. Perhaps there were a bit too many Florida centric lectures and discussions on the value of biking. On the plus side, the visits to Ormand Beach and Blue Springs were top notch. Our accommodations were comfortable and the Stetson campus cafeteria offered ample meal choices. Beware... it's pretty much all you eat. Thank goodness we were biking off our over indulgences.

Pat from Duluth, GA Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 01/20/13 - 01/25/13
Stetson Univ Continuing Ed dept did a great job organizing this first-time program. A very good value for the money. And, like so many trips, it is the participants that make the trip and this one was no exception. Just because the program is in Fl please do not assume that the temps will be in the 70's (mornings and evenings were chilly and you needed long pants and long sleeves) and that the terrain will be flat. We rode over many rolling hills. With some fine-tuning this will be a super program.

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"Many manatees in Blue Spring Park" Uploaded By: Pat
"Many manatees in Blue Spring Park" Uploaded By: Pat

"Biking along the Ormond Scenic Loop. " Uploaded By: Pat

"Viewing one of many murals in Historic Deland" Uploaded By: Pat

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