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Reviews, photos and videos for program: The Best of South America: Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu and Easter Island
Linda from Cazenovia, NY Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/06/14 - 05/22/14
This was a perfect trip in May. I really don't have any suggestions to improve it. I am still digesting all of the amazing sights and experiences. Do be prepared to travel quite a bit, and be prepared for the altitude. This was my first Road Scholar trip, and I was very impressed.

Cinderella from Houston, TX Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 04/01/14 - 04/17/14
This program offered incredible value and learning. It was even better than I hoped in accommodation, food and of course, information. The participants were a plus to enjoy.

Barbara from Des Moines, IA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 03/11/14 - 03/27/14
People keep asking me what I liked best about this trip....I tell them everything. All the places we visited were so different and getting to meet local residents was powerful. I highly recommend this trip....Easter Island was the frosting on the cake.

Len from Hugo, MN Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 02/18/14 - 03/07/14
A great opportunity to see beautiful sites and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences in South America. Iguazu Falls is beautiful….and very different to view from Argentina vs. Brazil. Peru offers wonderful views of the Andes, good food (guinea pig excepted), spectacular Incan ruins (i.e., Machu PIcchu, Ollantaytambo, etc.) and the opportunity to visit several indigenous villages. Easter Island is a wonder, with beautiful south pacific vistas, the mystery of the Moai, and much history to keep you fascinated. Enjoy your trip - I sure did!

Barbara from Oakdale, PA Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 02/18/14 - 03/07/14
This trip covers a variety of experiences and terrains from the rushing waters of the Iguazu River to the beauty of the Andes to the amazing statues on Easter Island. Accomodations were for the most part luxurious and the food elegantly presented.

Beth from Yorkville, IL Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 02/18/14 - 03/07/14
This is a wonderful opportunity to experience three iconic sites in South America on one tour. I highly recommend it for the adventurous explorer.

John from Charleston, SC Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 01/07/14 - 01/23/14
This trip is an outstanding opportunity to visit, see, and feel a few of South America's highest rated attractions. The local guides, archaeologists, markets, and people made for an educational and wholly enjoyable experience! Highly recommended.

Bruce from Berkeley, CA Number of programs attended: 18
Date attended: 01/28/14 - 02/13/14
I agree with all that Michelle wrote. We had a great group of 22 people and excellent guides. It was a magical trip to places I have dreamed about for 60 years. The dozen plane flights were quite tiring but worth the effort. I would have liked to spend at least a day in Lima to see the museum. This was Road Scholar trip #17 for me. Bruce from Berkeley

Michelle from San Bruno, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 01/28/14 - 02/13/14
I would highly recommend the Best of South America tour and our expert guide and group leader Oscar Velasco. Truly a trip of a lifetime! Be prepared to walk, climb, get wet, and be active (bring or plan to buy a walking stick and a rain poncho). Consult your physician or travel clinic and consider getting altitude medicine for the Peru portions of the trip, especially to prepare for Cusco. Take advantage of the excellent guides and ask questions, engage in dialogs and get to know people. If you bring cash, bring “very small” and brand new bills not just small USD currency. Twenty dollars is much harder to break than expected and bills are scrutinized quite thoroughly for ink marks and/or rips. Enjoy the delicious cuisine and wine ~ Cheers!

Patricia from Silver Spring, MD Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 01/28/14 - 02/13/14
I have wanted to see Machu Picchu and the moai on Easter Island for a long time and experiencing these places was everything I hoped. Being up close to the Devil's Throat at Iguazu Falls was like being in a magnificent watery cathedral. But every day of the tour was filled with learning and new experiences that were exciting and satisfyingly full. Oscar, the group leader, was warm, funny and organized and took care of us as far as he could in the Santiago International Airport when the tour was completed. We were able to see so much more with the Road Scholar tour planning than on our own. All the participants bonded and became friends. Don't wait too long to do this tour - it is physically challenging!

Ross from Brevard, NC Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 01/28/14 - 02/13/14
This was a fabulous trip . The guides and educators were truly expert, but in additions all are personable and fun. This is an active trip and you need to be fit and desire to do it all. All the countries will take dollars but the bills need to be new and bring $1 and $5 denominations. Take your camera to the Easter Island culture show. It is equal opportunity and lots of fun. For me the high light was Machu Pichu and it's still hdd to believe I was really there. Enjoy!

Michael from Silver Spring, MD Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 01/28/14 - 02/13/14
I had a very good trip. Highly recommended. You need stamina to climb irregular steps and debris fields. A walking stick is very helpful. Oscar, our tour director, was excellent. All guides and speakers were excellent as well, particularly Sergio on Rapa Nui who literally wrote the book and is a former governor. Tips: Arrive in Miami a day ahead to protect yourself from weather delays in the U.S. Take a small, powerful flashlight. We didn't and wish we had. Crisp $1 bills are handy, bring 50 of them. Bring a collapsible walking stick.

Gerrell from Austin, TX Number of programs attended: 14
Date attended: 01/07/14 - 01/23/14
For me, this was an outstanding and thorougly enjoyable program. The three highlighted destinations (Iguazu Falls, Manchu Picchu, and Easter Island) were even more spectacular than I had imagined. But the value of this program went much further than that. Through the excellent lectures and wonderful field trips, we learned a great deal about the history and culture of the Inca and Rapa Nui peoples (as well as what is not known about them). We also received a good introduction to the Spanish Colonial period in Peru with its magnificant Plaza de Armas and colonial churches. Most of our meals were at small local restaurants and were excellent (even it I did not particularly care for the roast guinea pig). I will admint that it was a bit challenging physically, but I appreciated the effort to accommodate the various needs of those in the group, The wonderful farewell event (a delicious dinner at a lovely oceanside restaurant and an exciting Polynesian dancing exhibitation at the KariKari Theatre was a fitting conclusion to a memoriable trip. (But be advised, you may be selected to go on stage and join in the dancing at the KariKari!)

Wallace from Elmhurst, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 01/07/14 - 01/23/14
The sites are all magnificent. A truly memorable journey. Food was very good. Hotels ranged from outstanding to okay. Local guides were wonderful. Issues: 1. Group leader very nice person but very disorganized, had little knowledge of Easter Island, often rambled on and on so no one paid attention when some important information was buried in all that talking, simply left the group on their own for the connecting flight back to Miami, frequently gave conflicting information. 2. Why not fly into Brazil to get to Iguazu Falls and go into Argentina just once. We wasted significant time going over the border repeatedly. 3. If you are going to fly to Buenos Aires, you ought to at least get a short tour of the city. 4. Insist on people being able to handle the physical rigors of the trip. At least a third of the group could not handle the climbs and uneven terrain and seriously held back others. 5. The length of time to check in for all Lan flights except on Easter Island were simply intolerable.

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"Machu Picchu" Uploaded By: Joann
"Machu Picchu" Uploaded By: Joann

"Too Delighted Road Scholars on Easter Island" Uploaded By: Joann

"April 1-17, 2014 group. Wonderful companions for this trip of a lifetime." Uploaded By: Jean

"April 1-17, 2014. What a great group of travelers. Truly a trip of a lifetime." Uploaded By: Jean

"Iguazu Falls" Uploaded By: Len

"Guinea pig for lunch (gotta try it!)" Uploaded By: Len

"Machu Picchu" Uploaded By: Len

"Maoi on Easter Island" Uploaded By: Len

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