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Reviews, photos and videos for program: A High Sierra Wilderness Adventure
Kenneth from Nine Mile Falls, WA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/14/13 - 07/19/13
Great wilderness location and better food than most other Road Scholar programs. We had many alternative activities to choose from with varying degrees of physical requirements.

Nancy from Reno, NV Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/14/13 - 07/19/13
The High Sierra Adventure was beautiful, educational and fun! The Ross family are incredible group leaders and very personable hosts. A comfortable program for any level experienced hiker or simply serious nature lover. One is able to enjoy what they like most about camping in the High Sierras.

Susan from Stanford, CA Number of programs attended: 18
Date attended: 07/14/13 - 07/19/13
This was one of the very best Road Scholar trips I have ever attended. The location is awe-inspiring, and so are the Ross family and their friends, who make up the staff. It felt like home right from the start. The meals were delicious, the tents comfortable, the hot showers amazing, and the activities varied and always interesting. I need to return next year.

Alice from Oakland, CA Number of programs attended: 0
Date attended: 07/14/13 - 07/19/13
I needed all that sky, the mountains, flowers and lakes at Blayney Meadows. The Ross Family and friends made this extraordinary High Sierra valley even better. I felt like a special guest. I intend to return.

Mel from Redding, CA Number of programs attended: 32
Date attended: 07/14/13 - 07/19/13
My wife and I have attended thirty three Elderhostle and Road Scholar programs and for people who like the outdoor experience and can hike four miles this Blayney Meadows is great.

Joan from Redding, CA Number of programs attended: 32
Date attended: 07/14/13 - 07/19/13
This program was outstanding; not only because of the setting and the hiking but the hosts/leaders went out of their way to ensure we all enjoyed our experience. The large tents and cushions were very comfortable. There was a heated shower! We had wine and pupus each evening before a great dinner!

Susan from Silver City, NM Number of programs attended: 12
Date attended: 07/15/12 - 07/20/12
This is the finest Road Scholar trip I have been on to date. The leaders and staff were so welcoming and friendly and went out of their way to make sure all were comfortable in a stunningly beautiful wilderness location. This trip also had the best/freshest meals and snacks of all my Road Scholar trips ever and the staff had to pack all this food into the back country! You need to be in pretty decent shape to hike into the location but it is well worth it. Definitely a 5 star wilderness/camping/hiking experience.

Sharon from Menifee, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/15/12 - 07/20/12
I am not an experienced camper and was a little apprehensive at the start of the High Sierra adventure. The whole experience turned out to be exceptionally fun and educational. The Ross family and their friendly staff made it such a pleasure. Fantastic food from breakfast through dinner... and oh yeah dessert. Home made every night. I met some amazing people who I know would be great friends if we lived closer but enjoyed getting to know them for the time we had. I loved the hikes to such beautiful places and enjoyed the other activities offered. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves the outdoors. No work to be done. Just enjoy. Thank you Ross family and fellow staff. You made a slightly spoiled camper out of me.

Linda from San Diego, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/15/12 - 07/20/12
I've just returned from a wilderness wonderland with all the amenities of a first class resort!If you prefer a tent,outhouse and wood fueled shower, then this is the program for you. The Ross family along with their staff make sure that your camping experience is like no other.You hike, you learn and boy do you eat!This Road Scholar program allows you to camp in this pristime enviornment without hefting a 40lb pack twenty miles in.Imagine hiking the John Muir trail only to return to your wood fueled shower and delicious dinner served by the campfire...Heaven on earth!!!!

Carolyn from Kingsburg, CA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 07/15/12 - 07/20/12
This was a wonderful camping experience--without the hassle of setting up camp! The Ross family took very good care of us, making us feel like family, with comfortable camp accommodations, great food, and a wide range of activities to keep us all busy and engaged.

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