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Reviews, photos and videos for program: Grand Canyon for Grandparents and Grandchildren: Exploring and Rafting in Western Grand Canyon
Sydney from Decatur, GA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/27/14 - 07/02/14
This was an exceptional experience for both my 9 year old grandson and me. Loved seeing his first exposure to such an awe-inspiring part of our country. Our leaders, Mike, Emery and Karen were so knowledgeable about the plants,geology, animals and cultural history of the area that we soaked it up every day as we went along. If you like going back to the times of traveling route 66, you will love the place we stayed. The staff was very eager to make our stay there comfortable. Perfect introduction to a unique natural treasure.

Mary Ann from Hickory, NC Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/27/14 - 08/01/14
Fabulous trip for our grandson and us. We all had our eyes opened to Grand Canyon area.

Edward from Sarasota, FL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 07/27/14 - 08/01/14
This is a not to be missed experience, perfect for the 10-12 age grandchild and a great summer camp experience for those who can remember the 50's and 60's. NAU Road Scholar team are superb leaders who inspire confidence and helped us stretch our imaginations and experiences.

Monika from Berkeley, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/27/14 - 07/02/14
My 11 year-old grandson and I have just been to the Grand Canyon with Road Scholar. A great trip from beginning to end (and the rapids that I was a bit afraid of were very manageable, plus refreshing at 110 degrees!) This model, trips for grandparents with their grandchildren, is excellent, and will also serve families very well when children reach adolescence, old enough for a wide range of adventures, yet deeply in need of peers. I can see traveling with our grandson to far-away places with Road Scholar, places to which neither of his parents could take him. Thank you for making this meaningful trip possible!

Carolyn from Cincinnati, OH Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 07/17/14 - 07/22/14
Our trip to the Grand Canyon with our 11 year old grandson was very satisfying. The leaders were wonderful and the activities of whitewater rafting, helicopter ride and ranch visit with horseback riding were fun. Our grandson enjoyed the trip a lot and the memories should be ones we share for the rest of our lives.m

Linda from Lacey, WA Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 07/17/14 - 07/22/14
With our 11 year old grandson, we're just home from this adventure. There were 10 boys, three girls and 16 grandparents...a very congenial and down-to-earth group. The week was an immersion in a place and life-style that was an eye-opener and a treasure. At first the location and accommodations were a surprise...but in the end all made for the integrity of the experience in ranch country of Arizona. We appreciated everything about it...and have great memories and new understandings to inform our lives!

Mimi from Montclair, NJ Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 07/17/14 - 07/22/14
If you are ready for adventure, ready to learn about something completely different and ready for grandchildren to learn, be creative and play - well this is the program. It's great!

Barbara from Chicago, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/17/14 - 06/22/14
My husband and I attended the June 17-22, 2014 trip with our 2 10 year old grandchildren. We all had a wonderful experience. The motel is classic '50s Route 66...a real step back in time but it worked great for this program. We relaxed, were "unconnected" from the world and thoroughly enjoyed the learning, the activities and the group. Of course the rafting and the helicopter were the highlights but the whole experience is one filled with memories for all of us. Our leaders, Stewart and Matt, were terrific.

Alice from Palo Alto, CA Number of programs attended: 17
Date attended: 06/17/14 - 06/22/14
I went with my granddaughters (almost 10, twins) and we had a great time. The funky motel was fine, the weather was perfect (we were lucky, perhaps), the 12 kids (7 boys and 5 girls) bonded, the conversations flowed, and the week past quickly. The hotel was clean and the hotel staff very nice and accommodating; the food at the Grand Canyon Caverns very basic and no milk for the kids except for cereal at breakfast. Very fast-food like but always lots of salad and you could make do. The river trip was fabulous: lots of fun; be sure to have quick=dry clothing and layers and a rain jacket (I used an old sailing jacket I hadn't worn in years, but I dried and was not chilled). I think hiking boots would have helped on a couple of trips and a walking stick if you are subject to stumbling. Otherwise, loads of fun.

Claire from Cincinnati, OH Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 06/17/14 - 06/22/14
This was a great adventure. My granddaugher and I both enjoyed it.

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""Horsing around"" Uploaded By: Rich

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