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Reviews, photos and videos for program: Patagonia: Hiking At the End of the Earth
Glenn from S Burlington, VT Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 02/17/14 - 03/02/14
This trip is up there with our visit to the Galapagos as being memorable, exciting and instructive. The scenery is spectacular, and you haven't really seen the Andes until you've walked on Viedma Glacier and watched the frequent calving off of Perito Moreno Glacier up close. The level of activity was generally challenging but reasonable, with adequate accommodation for individual differences.

Susan from San Francisco, CA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 02/17/14 - 03/02/14
A wonderful program and very diverse. You will learn a lot about glaciers and have an opportunity to experience them in a variety of ways. A few days of the program you'll be physically challenged with some very long hikes, and most other days were active and challenging in the sense that you will have many activities (short hikes, boat rides, lectures, museums, etc.).

Mike from Glasgow, KY Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 11/11/13 - 11/24/13
Mike from Glasgow, Ky Number of programs attended:3 Date attended 11/11/13-11/24/13 Excellent program with a wide variety of activities, from Buenos Aries to mountain villages, canoeing, ice treks and treks on mountains, islands and beaches. Our primary guide Dennis was excellent. Our specialist guides at Chalten and Ushuaia were excellent. Pedro, our mountain guide in Chalten, was a world class climber who last Christmas eve summited Cerro Torre, once considered this hardest mountain in the world to climb. His lecture and pictures were excellent. Accommodations and local fare were excellent. This trip is a big adventure just as patagonia requires . There are some long days with long treks on mountain trails with all the weather Patagonia is famous for. The views and rewards match the treks however. This trip is our third level 7 experience and fits my wife and I perfectly. We are in our mid 60's and only somewhat fit and had no trouble with any of the hikes, but i do recommend prior experience on long steep mountain trails for maximum enjoyment . .

Anthony from Las Vegas, NV Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 11/11/13 - 11/24/13
Wow! Excellent program. Outstanding itinerary and collection of activities. Amiable small group format. The hikes were challenging, but the experiences and the vistas were fabulous. You'll want to assure fitness with some training hikes for maximal enjoyment. Hotels and meals were excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience.

Terry from New Albany, IN Number of programs attended: 5
Date attended: 11/07/12 - 11/21/12
I left my heart in Patagonia.

Gladys from Oakland, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 11/07/12 - 11/21/12
I agree with Jerry take this trip if you can. It is worth the price. This was mine first Road Scholar trip and I was impressed. Patagonia is breathing taking and hiking was the best way to see the area. Laura Sanchez our guide was amazing. She was able to keep us all happy. She was able to balance all our various needs and desires. She is also extremely knowledgeable, and organized. I can only wish that future Road Scholar trips I take in the future will be as good.

Jerry from Dallas, TX Number of programs attended: 12
Date attended: 11/07/12 - 11/21/12
Take this trip if you possibly can. Laura Sanchez of Fitzroy Expeditions did a terrific job keeping us informed, leading our hikes, getting us to ground transfers and air travel, arranging excellent meals and lodging, and generally making us feel comfortable in a foreign country. Argentina is beautiful and the people are kind and helpful to strangers. Patagonia is one of earth's most beautiful places and a wonderful place to hike. The mountains, glaciers and lakes are unsurpassed. The hikes are moderately difficult, with the longest about 13 miles. The elevations are low compared to a lot of mountain hiking, so there's no need to acclimatize for elevation. The food and lodging were usually excellent, with only slight variations. One of the great treats was drinking glacier water untreated out of streams on the hikes. Yes, steak, lamb, and wine were on the menu, but also a good variety otherwise. A night and a day in Estancia Christina is worth the price of the trip. Try to arrive in Buenos Aires a day or more early. It is a beautiful city with lots of historical and artistic activities.

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"valley of Poincenot Base Camp hike" Uploaded By: Holbrook
"valley of Poincenot Base Camp hike" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Piedras Blancas Glacier" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Perito Moreno Glacier entrance" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Perito Moreno Glacier" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"penguins in Tierra del Fuego" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"north fjord of Lago Argentino" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Laguna Sucio Fitz Roy massif" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Kay at Upsala Glacier lookout" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"hiking Viedma Glacier" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"heading to Viedma Glacier" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"group at Upsala Glacier" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Viedma Glacier walk" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"El Chalten" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy" Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Ice Trek on the Viedma Glacier,Patagonia, Nov 2013" Uploaded By: Mike

Uploaded By: Holbrook

"Sunrise over Viedma Lake and Glacier" Uploaded By: Steve

"Cerro Torre and FitzRoy, Patagonia's iconic peaks" Uploaded By: Steve
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"Patagonia Hiking Video" Uploaded By: Holbrook

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