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Grand Canyon National Park: Exploring the North and South Rims

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Road Scholar
Program #2804RJ
7 Days | 6 Nights
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Ellen from Chicago, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 08/18/13 - 08/24/13
This was our first Road Scholar tour. Our group was small, we traveled in one 13 passenger van. The other travelers in our group were friendly and fun to be with. Our guide, Bruce Banker was amazing. He knows the Grand Canyon so well, and took a lot of care to ensure that every single person had a good time. This was a great tour to start with, we felt that we really got to see the Grand Canyon from many perspectives. The North Rim was our favorite part of the trip, but there were so many good experiences. Marble Canyon and Lee's Ferry were spectacular. We would highly recommend the Northern Arizona University Program Provider, Road Scholar and Bruce Banker. We definitely plan to do more Road Scholar trips in the future.

Shirl from Green Valley, AZ Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 10/01/13 - 10/07/13
The Road Scholar staff and the Northern Arizona University Program Provider and Program Leader did an outstanding job in providing me with a high quality program and exciting program despite the fact that the Grand Canyon was closed (due to the government shutdown). I was able to tour the Grand Canyon via a plane fly over, helicopter flight , and rafting down the Colorado river! Several other points of interested were added to this program as well making this a very educational and outstanding trip. Since this was an October 1, 2013 trip the changes were made at short notice and at a difficult time. The above mentioned professional staff handled the situation with excellent decision making and flawless. Thank you so very much for this excellent adventure! Shirl Schultz 10/08/2013

Joan from Monessen, PA Number of programs attended: 4
Date attended: 09/13/13 - 09/19/13
A wonderful experience with the most gracious of all groups. I had the opportunity to visit the North, South, East, and West rims along with rafting on the Colorado River by combining back-to-back trips. And, I am so glad for the opportunity since it gave me a chance to experience the Canyon from both perspectives--looking up and looking down. I am humbled by the magnitude of it all. Although I would urge everyone to visit the South Rim for all the history that took place there, I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to indulge in the serenity and beauty of the North Rim. My mind shall return there often. You were the best of groups to travel with. Mike, Amy, Lonnie--thank you for your humor, knowledge, camaraderie, and patience. We couldn't have expected better.

Carl from Cape Coral, FL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/08/13 - 09/14/13
This was my first Road Scholar trip and as a solo traveler and I never felt like a third wheel. My group travelers were great and were a large part of making it one fantastic trip. It was like a group of friends. Our guide, Jeff Strang & Dave Hall were terrific too, and perfect for the job, They were a great at making it fun for everyone. There was never a dull moment in the vans(or the entire trip). Our group traveled in two vans & I switched to the other van during the stops. It gave me a different perspective & knowledge of every aspect of the canyon - geology, botany, etc. I was impressive how Jeff & Dave could get as detailed as you wanted on any topic. It was a amazing adventure.

Margaret from Miromar Lakes, FL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/13/13 - 09/19/13
My husband and I loved the trip. The Guide Mike knows everything. He is fun, kind and attentive. The Guide Amy was a wonderful partner bringing her own humor and graciousness to all encounters. I loved that we stayed in the park at both north and south rims. The group of 36 other travels were fun, friendly and interesting to get to know. That being said, I don't know if I would travel with Road Scholar again as our first night accommodations at the Scottsdale Cottonwood was horrendous. I have posted pictures on Trip Advisor. Mike gave us his room for the last night, the second night at Cottonwood and it was better but I would never stay in this hotel again. RS says it is a 4 star hotel but if you read the reviews on Trip Advisor, many people had similar experiences as my husband and I. I was also disappointed about the food on the trip. In the parks, it was OK. Just to be in the parks is worth anything. WE had one stop at a restaurant that had a recent fire and they made homemade fresh food that was very good. Food is very important to us, so I don't know if RS is for us. Glad we went to this one.

Richard from West Chester, OH Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 09/13/13 - 09/19/13
What a wonderful experience! The group leaders, Mike and Amy, were tremendous. We looked forward to this trip for a long time and it was everything we expected.

Carolyn from Rocky Mount, NC Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/13/13 - 09/19/13
My husband and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary by going to the South and North Rim of the Grand Canyon with Road Scholar. Wow, w3hat a wonderful trip we had! We are now ready for the next 50 years of our life, and planning a new trip with Road Scholar!

Marcia from New Auburn, WI Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/08/13 - 09/14/13
This trip was wonderful, it activities were varied. We rode in the NAU vans, which were comfortable and had big windows. The guides/drives (Jeff & Dave) took great care of us and our needs. It is a well organized trip, with much to see and do. We not only got to see the Canyon but many other sites along the way. We even ate lunch at The Resurrection Restaurant. All the food was wonderful, and there was plenty, you will not go hungry. If you had special diet needs they were accommodated as much as possible. My favorite was the North Rim with its huge lodge and patios overlooking the canyon. If you are looking for a place to "veg" out, with the beauty of creation surrounding you, try the North Rim. This trip is well worth the cost, it was a trip of a lifetime!

Martha from Vancouver, WA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 09/08/13 - 09/14/13
The program seeing the North and South Rim was wonderful. The views take your breath away. We also got to see and experience other places and see more going up and coming back from the Grand Canyon. The guides were absolutely wonderful. We all learned a lot. It is very much worth going on. Sun rises and sunset are beautiful. Go and enjoy the beauty.

Kathleen from Bellingham, WA Number of programs attended: 7
Date attended: 09/08/13 - 09/14/13
Whether you've been to the Grand Canyon on your own, seriously consider selecting a Road Scholar program. Having just returned from a visit that included the South and the North Rims, I can say with confidence that I learned more, saw more, enjoyed more, and generally came away with a renewed respect for our wonderful earth and the ways in which it has changed and been changed by something so simple as water. I know really understand the Canyon as the DUDE* it is (*created by deposition, uplift, down-churning, and erosion. Many thanks to our two leaders and to the new friends I made on this trip!

Joanna from Wilmington, NC Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 06/09/13 - 06/15/13
I just returned from a Road Scholar trip to the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon and it was the experience of a lifetime! Of course, the scenery at the canyon is majestic and unforgettable, but our group leader made the whole experience more meaningful by teaching us to look more deeply into the geology, history, pre-history, local flora and fauna of this region. Lest you think such a trip is too much lecture and not enough action, let me reassure you that the hikes down the Bright Angel Trail and to Overlook Point went through some beautiful country below the rim of the canyon and were vigorous workouts as well. There were so many fascinating and breathtaking things to see that I really hope to come back again soon.

Loretta from Eastlake, OH Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 06/09/13 - 06/15/13
Great opportunity to visit both the South and North Rim of the spectacular Grand Canyon with a chance to dip your feet into the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry. Learned lots about the geology and history of the GC thanks to a great group leader/instructor. Highly recommend this trip to everyone. What a majestic place the Grand Canyon is!!!

Margaret from Centennial, CO Number of programs attended: 26
Date attended: 05/21/13 - 05/27/13
This is an excellent trip for both the first timer or one returning to a favorite place. There is time for both individual exploration or contemplation as well as group activities. The drives from Phoenix to the Canyon and its environs are an opportunity to see some spectacular scenery and to learn about those areas from expert guides in van-sized groups. And, sleeping in a cozy National Park cabin is an added treat.

Jacqueline from New Milford, CT Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/21/13 - 05/27/13
I just attended the May 21-27 tour of the North and South Rims. All I can say is "Wow!" I am grateful to have had the opportunity to view the canyon not only from both rims but also from below the rim. This was my first Road Scholar tour, but it won't be my last. Our leader, Stewart Lasseter, was among the most knowledgeable guides I have met. The depth of information he shared with us about the geology and natural history of the canyon areas was surpassed only by his enthusiasm for the area and passion for protecting it. And the other members of the group always made this solo traveler feel welcome. If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon with Road Scholar, you need to put it on your wishlist. (And make sure you go to the North Rim!)

Linda Wallace from Saint Louis, MO Number of programs attended: 6
Date attended: 05/21/13 - 05/27/13
Visiting both the South and North Rims of the Grand Canyon gave us a variety of unique perspectives on the grandeur and vastness of the canyon. We were able to experience sunrises, sunsets, hikes "below the rim" and splendid overviews on both sides. Our leader, Stewart Lasseter was outstanding, giving articulate, fascinating, in-depth commentary about geology, history, indigenous people, etc., throughout the trip, and communicating his strong advocacy for preserving the canyon and its environment. Traveling with a very congenial small group (18) made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend this program!

Elizabeth from Mandeville, LA Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/21/13 - 05/27/13
What a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon visiting both the South and North Rim. Felt like I was in another world with nothing but beauty and history surrounding me. Could have spent a month there easily. Was impressed with Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter and what she envisioned and built. Great group of people to share this beauty with. Great work Road Scholar.

Owen from Naples, FL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/16/13 - 05/22/13
Road Scholar program #2804 "Visit to the South & North Rims of the Grand Canyon" was a trip beyond expectations. The instructor was knowledgeable and able to answer questions on an under-standable level. We met other participants who quickly became 'good friends'. Russ Koppang

Mary Jo from West Sand Lake, NY Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
Great tour!! Had a wonderful time...hope to go on other tours in the future...

PATRICIA from Danbury, CT Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
I've been raving about the Grand Canyon trip since I returned. What a spectacular place. This was my first Road Scholar trip and will not be my last! Our group was fantastic and we had a lot of humor throughout the trip. Mike Young was fantastic....he made the trip! His knowledge is amazing. Looking forward to the next great adventure.

Barbara from Sebastopol, CA Number of programs attended: 7
Date attended: 09/28/12 - 10/04/12
This program is within the ability of almost every senior, and well worth the experience. It is also inexpensive for all that is included.

Lisa from Merchantville, NJ Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
This was my first Road Scholar tour and it won’t be my last. I was a solo traveler and never felt like a fifth wheel. My fellow travelers were just wonderful and were a large part of making it one fantastic trip. It was like a bus load of friends - you would have thought everyone knew each other. Our guide, Mike Young was terrific too, and perfect for the job, he was a master at making it fun for everyone. There was never a dull moment on the bus (or the entire trip). Mike's knowledge of every aspect of the canyon - geology, botany, etc., was impressive - he could get as detailed as you wanted on any topic. Our driver Danny was also impressive - he could turn that bus around on a dime and could park it anywhere - all on top of being a very nice guy. The scenery is astounding; everywhere you look you are just amazed at the immenseness and beauty of the canyon. (Mike made us promise not to use the work "awesome", but I think in this case it applies.) It certainly gives you a new view on perspective and your place in the world. My favorite was the North Rim - I can't get over the green - I love those pines and aspen trees, and Bright Angel Point was the perfect place to see the sunrise. It was like being on top of the world. The tour was the perfect mix of activity and free-time. We could all do as much, or as little as we wanted, so the trip suited a wide-range of activity levels. At the South Rim, we all felt like we were back in summer camp, what with the cafeteria and the flashlight walk back to our rooms. Tours never appealed to me - I kept thinking of all those movies and jokes (funny and otherwise) of tours gone wrong for so many different reasons, and was reluctant to take a chance - but it was the only way I was going to see the Grand Canyon on my own - so I dove in - and it was one of the best decisions I've made and one of the best vacations I've had. (I'm on the Road Scholar social network if anyone wants to keep in touch).

Carolina from Mexico City, NA Number of programs attended: 3
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
A trully enjoyable experience. Enjoyed it from start to finish, all in great measure due to our group leader, Mike Young. The views of the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset were particularly magnificent. The night sky, the deer and moose, the condors and the side trip to the Colorado River were great!!

Gerard from Woburn, MA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
I enjoyed every aspect of the program. Due to my physical ability I did hold people up at times. They were always very understanding. I do plan to take other programs from time to time.

Richard from Chicago, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/20/12 - 09/26/12
I had an awesome experience on this trip. The guides were well-informed and caring individuals with amazing information that made learning easy. The enthusiasm of the instructors enhanced the learning experience and propelled me to want to take another Road Scholar trip sooner than later. Richard from Chicago

Mary from Lewes, DE Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
This was my first Road Scholar trip, actually, it was my first group trip and I approached it with trepidation because I wasn't sure about traveling with 40 people on a bus. It was fantastic, I enjoyed every minute of it and loved the other participants. The Grand Canyon is a national treasure which should be seen by everyone (on a Road Scholar trip if your age qualifies) and it was made even more remarkable by our guide, Mike Young. Could there possibly be a better guide? I don't think so....See you on another trip soon.

Maria Elena from Tlalpan, D.F., Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
Male from Mexico City
number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
Fantastic trip! Way beyond my expectations. The Grand Canyon is just magnificent from any site you look. Seeing the sunrise in the North Rim and the sunset in the South Rim was so overwhelming it will stay in my heart forever. There´s no way to explain all the array of colors nature showed us. The desert sky at night was a super plus I was not expecting to see in such grandeur. We could practically touch millions of stars and could not see the end of the Milky Way. The incredible weather we fortunately had, was another plus.
Mike Young, our guide, excels in knowledge and enjoys sharing it with us. His great sense of humor and his conferences made our trips on the bus shorter when distances were necessarily long.
This is my first trip with Road Scholar, next one is Alaska, and I hopè there are many more to come, always with Road Scholar.
John ... congrats on your photos!!!

Joe from Sag Harbor, NY Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12

Karen from Columbia, MO Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12

Linda from Naperville, IL Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 09/15/12 - 09/21/12
We just came back from the Grand Canyon double rim trip. This was our first Road Scholar program but it won't be our last. Our memories will be remembered forever. I'd certainly recommend this trip to everyone, see the Grand Canyon through the "eyes" of a Road Scholar expert!

Kathleen from Quincy, MA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/15/12 - 05/21/12
This was a excellent tour of the Grand Canyon, & the tour guide Mike Young was very knowledgeable & helpful. You cannot to better for seeing this beautiful National Park.

Judith from Los Angeles, CA Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/15/12 - 05/21/12
This Grand Canyon trip was spectacular. The dramatic and gorgeous Grand Canyon and other beautiful sites along the way were lovely and inspiring. But it took the talent and leadership of our guide, Mike Young to uplift the adventure from a fabulous trip to one with great depth. He was able to use humor, warmth and kindness to meld our group into a playful cohesive group. People enjoyed each other as well as the dramatic environment.

We enjoyed in-depth sessions on the geology of the canyon both during travel and at the sites. In one particularly effective talk, Mike gave us a verbal timeline of where humankind fits into the earth’s history, dramatizing the shortness of human existence as compared to the whole of the earth’s life.

This trip was a memorable. In addition to the South and North Rim’s of the Grand Canyon, we viewed the stunning Red Rocks of Sedona, examined the architecture and colorful characters in the Canyon’s history, got to see some California Condor’s up close, and saw the diversity of landscapes in Arizona as we toured between Scottsdale and the Grand Canyon.

Lucky us!

Ellie & Tony from Baltimore, MD Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/15/12 - 05/21/12
We can’t imagine a better way to see this amazing wonder of the world. There was a lot of bus travel, but thanks to our guide Mike Young the entire experience was informative, on track, and entertaining throughout. Mike is extremely knowledgeable, well organized and accommodating. Even though he's hiked them hundreds of times, he willingly guided several of us down the Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails. He even made the long bus trips fun! Our 32 co-travelers were considerate, well traveled and game, particularly Joy, whom two hip and two knee replacements didn't phase one bit!
In addition to hiking into the Canyon, we enjoyed the changing colors of its vast expanses from both rims at different times of the day. We visited the historic El Tovar Hotel and learned about the history of the area’s development, including the struggles between the miners and the railroads for control of tourism at the Canyon and the extraordinary design contributions of Mary Jane Coulter. Mike gave us terrific talks about the area's unique geology, ecology and plant life. The accommodations were excellent and well located.
We were impressed with the way the Park Service makes the Grand Canyon accessible and educational for some 5.5 million annual visitors of all ages and abilities. The 2.83 mile South Rim Trail of Time, opened in 2010, highlights the different types of rock laid down in the Canyon's many layers over the millennia. We enjoyed Park Ranger presentations on Wesley Powell and his companions’ first hair-raising wooden boat trip down the Colorado, and on the once nearly extinct California Condor, which has been revived in a spectacular fashion, a point brought home to us when several of these birds with their almost ten foot wingspans flew right over our heads on the Navaho bridge on our way back to Phoenix.
In short, the Road Scholar trip put on by Northern Arizona University's Mike Young is a mind- and heart-expanding experience we highly recommend!

Gwen from Houston, TX Number of programs attended: 2
Date attended: 05/15/12 - 05/21/12
The Grand Canyon trip was an amazing adventure made even more so by the expertise and humor of our wonderful guide, Mike Young. Every spot in the Canyon has a great view. Just seeing the south side is not enough. A person has not seen the Canyon until he (or she) has seen the North Rim. Truly awe-inspiring.

John from Lakewood, OH Number of programs attended: 1
Date attended: 05/15/12 - 05/21/12
A terrific adventure and great learning experience. I cannot say enough about our guide, Mike Young. Mike made the trip so enjoyable with his combination of knowledge and expertise, consideration and humor. What can you say about the Canyon? The South Rim is inspiring. The North Rim is amazing. The Colorado River is cold. The Condors are grand. It all gives you some sense of your place in the universe. Amazing.

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"Driving to the North Rim in Marble Canyon" Uploaded By: Carl
"Driving to the North Rim in Marble Canyon" Uploaded By: Carl

"Traveling during monsoon session gave me an new view of the Grand Canyon." Uploaded By: Carl

"Transept Trail - North Rim" Uploaded By: Lisa

"On the road . . ." Uploaded By: Lisa

"Sunrise - North Rim" Uploaded By: Lisa

"Colorado River from South Rim" Uploaded By: Mary

"View from Point Imperial" Uploaded By: John

"View from the North Rim" Uploaded By: John

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