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You can meet them on Road Scholar learning adventures around the world — those amazingly hale, hearty and happy people who are having fun, making friends, are sharp as tacks and look like they’ll live forever. What’s their secret?

Through inspirational stories from Road Scholar participants, supported by the latest research in the fields of psychology and neuro-science, author Peter Spiers, senior vice president of Road Scholar, shows how to build an enriching lifestyle on the foundation of favorite activities in the new book Master Class: Living Longer, Stronger, and Happier.

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About Peter Spiers
Peter Spiers
Peter Spiers is senior vice president at Road Scholar, the world’s leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring adults to learn, discover, and travel. He is a graduate of Harvard College and lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, with his wife, Melissa, and sons, Tomas and Andy.

Live Online Presentation: "Master Class" Author Peter Spiers Shares the Secrets of Healthy Aging