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Road Scholar Participant Blogs
Firsthand Accounts of Lifelong Learning Across the Globe
Now you can hear firsthand from Road Scholar participants about their experiences across the U.S. and around the globe!
participant photo
Program #19033 | March 5-16, 2015
After our lesson a group of students from the foreign language club came in to chat with us. It was so nice to hear the stories about their studies and how passionate they were about learning and making the most of their university experience. They were inquisitive about our lives in the U.S. and I shared a few pictures of the now infamous snow in Boston. I doubt they'll be visiting us soon!
participant photo
Program #19602 | March 2-6, 2015
From the top of the Jordan peak we could see Mount Washington. It was quite beautiful despite the temperature being in the single digits for the beginning part of the morning. From there, we spent the morning bombing down the long blue runs before we hit what is in my opinion the best glade at Sunday River!
participant photo
Program #21211 | March 1-8, 2015
It was pretty cold, but once we started moving it warmed up nicely. While frequently groomed, with the new snow overnight, the tracks were covered and the group leaders helped by breaking trail for us. We started to string out along the road and the most ambitious group headed out with Katie, while the rest of the two groups stayed with the other group leader and two assistants. With the Tetons peeking out from the clouds and the beautiful sunshine, it was a wonderful time
participant photo
Program #16151 | Oct. 26-31, 2014
We started the day with a good breakfast and then went on an exploration of the Heifer International Global Village. First stop — to visit the animals. Stewart spoke to us about what the animals represented as Heifer International works with communities to care for the animals and the earth toward eradicating hunger and poverty. We visited typical homes from Guatemala, Appalachia, Kenya, Thailand, a Refugee Camp, Mozambique and China.
participant photo
Program #21665 | Oct. 12-17, 2014
A private trio performed classic Dixieland tunes as we ate our meal. A resident clarinet player at the esteemed Fritzel's jazz club led the trio. Their music got the group moving and dancing and left everyone in great spirits for our final evening.
participant photo
Program #12831 | December 21-26, 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed the program. The accommodations and the food were excellent. The mix of sightseeing, lectures, and free time was just right. The group leader and lecturer were knowledgeable. And, as always, our fellow travelers were interesting and interested. What a great way to end 2013!
participant photo
Program #1384 | Sept. 14-19, 2014
After lunch, many of us explored the Georgia Sea Turtle Center which serves as a hospital for ill and injured sea turtles. In addition to viewing the many exhibits, we were able to observe an operation on a loggerhead turtle and see the concern with which the caregivers returned the turtle to his tank in the hospital.
participant photo
Program #15211 | Sept. 7-12, 2014
Dinner tonight is lobster! A few people chose to have steak, instead, but I was eager to have a lobster dinner - after all, we're in Maine, learning about the history of the lobstermen of the region!
participant photo
Program #12145 | May 18-29, 2014
There's a stir in the air this morning as we hop on our bicycles and put the two-night stay at our countryside Dessau hotel in the rear-view mirror. We'll get our first glimpse of the Elbe River today; even cross it via a ferry.
participant photo
Program #4909 | September 28 - October 6, 2013
Bryce Canyon being closed, our leaders had a plan B for today and it was terrific. The first half of the day we biked from Ruby's Inn to Kodachrome State Park along a fairly light traffic highway. Weather was again gorgeous and we had more scenic views of the geological beauty.
The opinions expressed in the participant blogs linked to on this page reflect the opinions of the blog writers themselves and not necessarily those of Road Scholar or Elderhostel, Inc.
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