This program, being undertaken at the Academy for Learning in Retirement, Saratoga Springs, New York, is an excellent example of how a Lifelong Learning Institute can give back to their community. The following is taken from their fall 2005 newsletter.

Teams of Two is an acorn-sized program that the Maple Avenue Middle School is hoping to grow into a strong “oak tree” program. This pilot program NEEDS YOU to volunteer to learn with a student, or a teacher or another volunteer. YOU can be an expert in a specialty such as health care or a former teacher or a great storyteller. Or YOU can be someone interested in passing on the exciting possibilities of learning.

The Maple Avenue Middle School is initiating a pilot program, Teams of Two, to provide after school tutoring and mentoring to 20 students. The Tutors and Mentors will be volunteers from the community who will commit to working with a student on a regular basis. The faculty will identify students who need additional support. They may need help with homework, or a specific subject or perhaps a research project.

The program is projected to begin around the fifth week after school opens in the fall. Tutors and Mentors will be given orientation and training. The program will take place from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. two days per week. Mentors and Tutors will be expected to commit to one day per week and to develop a schedule with the student over a period of time.

Faculty and administrators at the Middle School will provide ongoing information and support. Since this is a pilot program YOU will be helping to shape the program along with the staff and the students. The possibilities of using e-mail communications or working in teams with other volunteers will be explored. If YOU are intrigued with the opportunity of having an impact on students in the community contact the school for more information.




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