Lifelong Learning at Coastal Carolina University
Conway, SC

Here is a sampling of summer courses from their latest newsletter…

Meet Your Guides and Be Guided. Gloriana Miller will conduct a workshop in which participants will be introduced to their "guides" and find out what constitutes a guide's nature and role in the etheric hierarchy.

Issues in Aging Series will begin with Reid Johnson's program on The Psychology of Successful Aging. Dr. Johnson will discuss some of the latest scientific research on steps older adults can take to make their later years as meaningful, happy and successful as possible.

Classics Begin Here: A Preview, Craig Miller will reacquaint students with the marvelously entertaining stories of Greek and Roman mythology, and their meaning, as a preview to a continuing course in the fall.

Fins and Flukes: SC's Bottlenose Dolphins is scheduled to begin its 4 week program. Elizabeth Moses will share the findings of her three year study of dolphins.

Jim Poole’s Detective Fiction class will begin tracing the detective fiction novel from its formative years in mid-1800's England to contemporary variations of the spy and adventure thriller.

World Between the Wars is scheduled to start. Sam Syme will examine the period between World War I and II in an effort to determine what mistakes were made during that time which resulted in a resumption of hostilities.

Introduction to Arabic Culture will continue with its exploration of Arabic language and culture under the guidance of instructor Basem Hilal. This is an ongoing program and interested students may join at any time.

The Life and Music of Antonio Vivaldi is scheduled to begin (this course is also scheduled at 1:00 p.m. in Conway). Sarah Kelly will introduce students to the dramatic nature of Vivaldi's music, his fervent interest in Italian musical theater and unorthodox spirituality.

The Lost Gospel of Q begins. Michael Carter will introduce students to followers of perhaps the earliest pre-canonical gospel Jesus movement, whose text reveals a much different view of Jesus through words that may have come directly from his mouth.

Lost Christianities will begin with Michael Carter leading students through the 200 year period after the death of Jesus during which a diverse landscape of followers produced many writings, most of which were excluded by the surviving proto-orthodox church.




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