Over this past summer, members of the Chemeketa Center for Learning in Retirement at Chemeketa Community College in Woodburn, Oregon took some interesting jaunts. The following is taken from their newsletter.

In June they traveled to Astoria for the Scandinavian Festival. On the way they watched for eagles and had lunch in Astoria.

In July they took a trip to Tillamook. They visited the Forestry Center, the Air Museum and had lunch at the cheese factory.

Later in July they traveled to Silverton to explore the antique shops and had lunch at a local restaurant.

In August they took an overnight trip to Mt. St. Helens with a stay in an old monastery.

At the end of August they took to the water on the River Queen where they had lunch. A side trip took them to the Hallie Ford Museum.

Finally, in early September they traveled to Portland to ride the sky tram and have lunch at Red Mill.

Transportation for all these trips was provided by college vans or school buses.




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