The Lifelong Learning Society at Christopher Newport University in Virginia offers the following variety of summer courses for their members.

Clay: Wheel Thrown – Start with making basic wheel-thrown pottery while returning students refine their skills and learn advanced techniques.

Computing 1 – This is the first course in a three-course progression.

Noland Trail Nature Walk – Walk the Noland Trail to the Gamble Cemetery and back, an approximate distance of three miles.

Noland Trail Nature Walk – Walk the Noland Trail for approximately 1 ½ miles.

Microsoft Power Point – Learn the basics of creating slide show presentations using Power Point software.

T’ai Chi – The class curriculum will include the practice of the postures, breathing, practicing the first moves of the long form and soft self-defense applications.

Is There a God? – Members will explore some of the philosophical arguments or issues with the existence of God by means of ancient and modern texts.

Studies in Contemporary American Drama – Both Eugene O’Neill’s Long Days Journey into Night and Tony Jushner’s Angels in America while stylistically distant, share themes that ask hard questions about the ego whether the setting be family or society.

Aerobics – A conditioning program to improve your strength, balance, range of motion and muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Three Movies in the Afternoon – Come enjoy and laugh at three movies on a hot afternoon.

Beginning Chinese – This course is designed for beginners who want to learn basics of travel and daily life conversations in Chinese.

Watercolor Painting: Morning & Afternoon – Learn to select mix and apply. Enhance skill in composition.

Approaches to Better Health – Alternative choices for preventing, treating and often reversing chronic health problems will be discussed.

Organizing Your Filing System – A workshop on family important documents and the need for a well-designed and manageable system for organizing, updating and safekeeping of those documents.

Hot Summer Fiction – Enhance your writing by giving your characters dimension and a sense of place in your writings.

Ancient Greek Science – Natural science and western philosophy originated in the 6th century BC and spread all over the ancient Greek works. You will explore this philosophy in depth.

Basic Digital Photography – This course will teach basic digital photography.

All About Watercolor – Students will get an introduction to the challenging medium of watercolor.




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