Lifelong Learners at the Fairfield Senior Center in cooperation with Sacred Heart University has developed a stimulating lineup of spring courses including the following:

Magical Moments at the Movies – This series emphasized the Golden Age of Hollywood, yet includes many scenes from present day movies. All clips are introduced with a history of the genre, the stars, the directors, the choreographers, the moguls, the behind-the-scenes artisans and the gossip or what have you that is pertinent to what is being shown. Participants also get to hear explanations of how some the magic was created, along with those all too many goofs Hollywood wants us to forget.

A Tale of Four Cities: Renaissance Mysteries Solved – This course will examine the history and art of four major Italian cities: Assissi, Florence, Venice and Rome.

Relatively Royal King Christian IX of Denmark: The Grandfather of Europe – This course covers the family life of King Christian IX of Denmark, the Grandfather of Europe, whose children and other descendants occupied the thrones of Denmark, Norway, Greece, Russia, Great Britain, Spain and Luxembourg. King Christian IX was a contemporary of Queen Victoria and his eldest daughter Alexandra married Queen Victoria’s son and heir, the future Edward VIII. King Christian IX was also the grandfather of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia.

America in Vietnam: How We Got In; Why We Got Out – Topics covered in this course include: Land and the Peoples: Kambuja, Laos, Vietnam; Western Colonial Conquest and Rule – Nationalism, Communism and WWII – The First Indochina War; How We Got In and Vietnam: 1956-1973: Why We Got Out.

Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor – This is a course to explore the world of watercolor. Participants will focus on the various techniques as well as develop skills. The course will cover drawing, color mixing and design. Emphasis will be on individual development.

Intermediate Sculpture: A Hands-On Learning Experience – This course is for students who have a basic foundation in working with clay. They will continue to explore the properties of clay using various techniques of building and forming sculpture. Advanced students will have individual instruction.

Real to Reel VI: Religion, the Movies and Mortality – In this course participants will seek answers to questions such as Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here? through the study of six contemporary films. Each session will combine film viewing with the leader’s input, background data and small and large group discussion.

The Great Journey: Abraham to Joseph, UR to Egypt, Idols to Monotheism, Revenge to Forgiveness – This six-week course will look at the adventures of the biblical patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph as well as the matriarchs: Sarah, Rachel, and Rebecca. For each story, participants will ask the questions: (1) for whom was it written, (2) what is the ethical/moral point and (3) is it still valid today?

America’s Wars and Interventions on the Road to Global Hegemony – The course outline is as follows: The Mexican War and Polk “the Mendacious” – The Spanish/Philippine Wars: McKinley’s Wars – The Great War: Wilson’s War: Wilson Invades the New Soviet Union in 1918 – World War II: The Good War by the Greatest Generation – The Korean War: Bombed Back to the Stone Age – The Vietnam War: The Not-So-Good War – Bush’s Wars: Iraq, Afghanistan – The Military/Industrial Complex – 9/11: The Biggest Government Conspiracy Since Pearl Harbor.

God and Government – Thought-provoking conversations on the topic of God and government from historical and contemporary perspectives.






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