By Bonnie Vorenberg

If your LLI is thinking about starting a Senior Theatre, here are some excellent resources to get you started. Be sure to visit or call 800-858-4998, or email Bonnie at for much more help. The following was taken from the January issue of ArtAge Publications, the newsletter for Senior Theatre.

Here are my 15 Tips to Creating a Successful Senior Theatre:
1. Start Small--a group of ten can entertain thousands
2. Use "no memorization, no prior experience required" to attract performers
3. Do readers theatre or script-in-hand performances
4. Start with classes
5. Find a director
6. Use comedies
7. Read a lot of plays to find the best ones for your company
8. Explore different types of Senior Theatre
9. Don't "put on a show" until the program is ready for performance
10. Spend money on costumes, props, set pieces
11. Market the program to both the arts and the aging communities in your locale. Use news releases, programs, announcements to build interest
12. Use microphones when performing
13. Pay royalties
14. Be creative
15. Stay connected with ArtAge Publications and the Senior Theatre Resource Center located at

There is no need for you to begin from scratch if you are starting a Senior Theatre because of the many resources available to guide you. We recommend:

TipSheet: How to Start a Senior Theatre
When you begin a Senior Theatre, you might feel like you're out on a limb, working to create a magical company with no roadmap. Don't fret. Use this step-by-step guide to help you get started. It includes ideas about how to find a sponsor, locate a director and select the form of Senior Theatre that fits your mission. Learn how to feel secure with a small group and how to begin your publicity campaigns while you remember to have fun! Only $10.00. Go to to purchase it.

TipSheet: How to Name a Senior Theatre
The name you choose for your Senior Theatre company is very important. It shows what kind of work you do, can tie you to a sponsor or a geographic region. Whatever you choose, make it YOU! The information was developed from an analysis of 630 companies in the ArtAge Publications database, the largest in the field. Use this Tip Sheet to explore the many names being used for performing companies. Then evaluate which ones work for you. Use the handy combination chart to help you select a name that reflects your company. Read about over-used names, favorites and advice about how the name you choose can affect your future growth and fundraising opportunities. Only $10.00. Go to to purchase it.

Seasoned Theatre: How to Create and Maintain a Senior Theatre
After many years of working with senior actors, the author has written a virtual road map on how to establish and maintain a Senior Theatre. Answer your questions about how to organize, recruit, and work with older actors, choose appropriate material, make technical decisions, locate a space, attract audiences, generate funds, and more. Only $13.95. Go to to purchase it.




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