Taken from the Fall, 2006 Course Catalog of the Furman University Learning in Retirement program in Greenville, South Carolina.

During this fall, members of the Furman University Learning in Retirement program are joining a panel of guests from all levels of government as well as political activists and observers, for candid discussions, with the goal of helping them become better informed, and more effective as an advocate for the issues that directly affect them.

They will explore the process by which their personal needs and desires evolve into political issues; how those issues get communicated to policymakers; how they are prioritized and then either die or become laws that resolve the issue (hopefully to their satisfaction).

They are going to leverage the dynamics and urgency of the election season to bring in excellent guests and others if possible, that the class wants to hear from. They will wrap up with a post-mortem on the 2006 elections. Some of the featured speakers include the Chairman of the Greenville County Council, a news columnist, a community leader, a member of the Planning Commission, a former Press Secretary to the Governor, a Policy Studies expert from the Strom Thurmond Institute, a political consultant, the Director of the GOP House Caucus and a Legislative Affairs expert.




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