Over the spring 2006 semester, members of the Institute for Mature Learning at Drury University in Missouri were lucky to be able to take four classes with a professor of physics from the school. Here’s an overview of those classes.

Titan: The New Riviera – The European Space Agency’s triumphant Huygens Probe now sits on the shore of a cryogenic ocean, nearly a billion miles from home.

Falling Cats and Satellites: A Unique Robot Called the Orientation Ratchet – How can you turn without pushing or pulling on something? Cats do it to always land on their feet. Learn about the development of a unique robot that turns without any angular momentum.

The Little Man Inside Your Head and the Mathematics of Monkey Brains and Mechanical Arms – What does physics tell us about how the brain controls arm motion? The answer is sought using data from monkeys that play video games while their brain cell activities are recorded, and by the addition of computer-activated synthetic muscles to a human skeleton model.

From Saturn to the South Pacific: Volcanoes of Ice and Fire! – Learn the causes and widely varying characteristics of spectacular volcanoes throughout our solar system.




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