Taken from the fall, 2006 Registration and Class Schedule of the Wabash Area Lifetime Learning Association, Inc. at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Memoirs and More
Local writers and poets will give tips on writing memoirs Classmates will share stories they have written. Limited to 20 registrants.
Week 1 – Memories Are Made of This
Week 2 – Thanks for the Memory
Week 3 – The Worst Date of Your Life
Week 4 – Keep It Simple
Week 5 – Using Class Prompts
Week 6 – Poetic Memoirs
Week 7 – Experimenting With Poetic Memoirs
Week 8 – Harvesting Your Memoirs

Into Africa: Explorers of the Dark Continent
Come learn more about this far-away continent as this retired educator sets the stage for your exploration in these sessions.
Week 1 – The Geography and Geological Features of the Unique Continent: Classical Geographers, Explorers, Traders and Missionaries
Week 2 – Awakening from the Long Egyptian Night: James Bruce and the Charting of the Blue Nile; Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Expedition; The Mamelukes and the Last Cavalry Charge of the Middle Ages
Week 3 – Exploration by Arms: Turks in the Sudan; British in Ethiopia and the Mad Emperor Theodore
Week 4 – The Search for the Source of the White Nile; Burton, Speke, Grant, Baker, and the Lake Region; David Livingston: Early Travels in South Africa. Coast to Coast and Fame
Week 5 – The Disastrous Zambesi Expedition and Death of the Universities Mission
Week 6 – Stanley and Livingston: The Rescue, The Final Quest and Death of the Prophet
Week 7 – Stanley: Crossing the Dark Continent; Gordon, the Mahdi and Emin Pasha
Week 8 – The Unfortunate Last Expedition of Stanley and the Scramble for Africa

Integrative Medicine: What’s That?
Staff from the Center of Integrative Medicine at Unity Hospital will focus on the innate healing properties of each individual to achieve optimal health and prevent disease.
Week 1 – Introduction to Integrative Medicine
Week 2 – Healthy Eating Tips: Must-Haves for Your Kitchen Pantry
Week 3 – Your Mom Was Right
Week 4 – Impact of Food Sensitivities on Your Health
Week 5 – Arthritis: So You Think You Just Have to Suffer
Week 6 – Diabetes: Feeling Worn Out? Could Be What You’re Eating
Week 7 – Sore Legs? Tired Feet? It’s Not Always Your Age
Week 8 – Vitamins and Supplements – Buyer Beware




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