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Taken from the May, 2006 issue of the LIR Newsletter and reprinted here with permission.

President’s Address at the 12th Annual Meeting
April 28, 2006
By Albert Ike

We have now completed twelve years of operation. I am happy to report to you that we are a pretty healthy 12-year-old. We started this past year with a full head of steam and good momentum provided by our predecessors, and we are grateful for that. For this very productive year, we owe a sincere vote of thanks to several very strong committee chairs, whose leaders we will recognize in a few minutes.

Here are some of the year’s accomplishments. Athens has been spotlighted in two national magazines as a good place to retire which has generated several inquiries about our program. We have a new and improved web site. We have fitness programs designed to help us live longer, as well as mentally stimulating programs to make those “extra” years even more interesting and enjoyable. We have an LIR Development Fund, which John Rudy will describe here today and discuss further in a later newsletter. Clearly, whether you look back to our accomplishments or forward to our new opportunities, things look good either way.

As we look forward to the future, we need to be prepared for some challenges. Here is my top ten list of suggestions and admonitions.

1. Our ranks will increase. We might easily reach 400 or 500 members next year.
2. Our members will continue to demand more and better classes and activities.
3. The emphasis on quality will not subside.
4. We will probably continue to be pestered by agents and merchants who want to access seniors as customers through LIR.
5. We need to continue to search our ranks for new talent to take on new volunteer opportunities.
6. We need to strive to keep our good committee chairs from burning out.
7. There are talented people out there who are willing and capable of giving exciting classes. Not all of them are university faculty. We need to work harder to discover them and encourage them to teach classes for us.
8. We need to find new and creative ways to thank these talented people who serve as our instructors.
9. We need to find appropriate ways to thank and reward those members who go that extra mile to make LIR work well by serving on committee or as officers.
10. Finally, we need to stimulate and encourage the creative ones among us who come up with such good and timely suggestions that make our program both fresh and interesting.

And FINALLY, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve such a solid organization full of such curious and interesting people.




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