The Adult Learning Program at the University of Connecticut in Hartford is offering members some interesting one-session programs. These include:

Chinese New Year Celebration – Participants get to go to a local restaurant where a variety of New Year dishes will be served.

From Lucy to Modern Humans – A narrative on what we now understand about the last five million years of our evolution with picture and fossils, incorporating up-to-date discoveries in paleontology, genetics, and evolutionary theory.

Bagpipes – The presenter, clad in full-Scottish costume, will explain the instrument and its workings, its history and its lore; he will then give a bagpipe concert.

Cyprus, Microcosm of the Middle East – A thumbnail sketch of the history of Cyprus, which can be viewed as a microcosm for the whole Middle East.

Teamwork, the Impossible Dream – Exercises will be conducted in small groups of eight to learn and foster cooperative methods of being together.

Alternative Sources of Energy – A talk on alternative sources of energy - sun, wind, and geothermal sources.

The Decline of Virginia Between the Revolution and the Civil War – A talk about the decline of the importance of Virginia in the nation between the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Travelogue: Visiting Impressionist Locations in France – The presenter will show slides of his trip to Giverny and other locations made familiar to us by impressionist painters.

Making It New – A trip to the Yale University Art Gallery to see the exhibit on art and artifacts associated with Gerald and Sara Murphy.





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