The Seniors’ Education Centre at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, offer it’s members a stimulating way to enjoy lunch and learn at the same time. Noon-Hour Forums, held over nine Thursdays, host a wide range of topics. The subjects for this semester, taken from their winter 2005-2006 course catalog, include the following:

Working Toward a Walkable City – A discussion of what some citizens are doing to make Regina a safe place to walk.

Secrets Revealed: Privacy in the Public Eye – A discussion about the public’s “right to know.”

Coffee with the Boys – A discussion with 16 retired gentlemen who have been gathering for coffee, deep discussions, and interesting explorations every Friday morning for the past several years.

The Dominion and the Rising Sun: Canada Encounters Japan, 1929-1941 – A discussion about the first major study of Canada’s diplomatic arrival in Japan and, by extension, East Asia.

Life of Refugees After Resettling in Canada: A discussion about the financial, family life, social/traditional values, communication, language and culture adjustments of new arrivals to Canada.

Africa: Political Instability and Conflicts: Root Causes and Possible Solutions: A discussion of the extent of the conflicts around Africa and a possible explanation of the dynamics behind these endless wars.

Terrorism from Samson to Attic: A discussion of the connection between terrorism and biblical religion.

Brain Awareness: How Our Emotions Work: A discussion of how emotions are organized in the brain, the purpose of emotions and why it is important to develop an awareness about how we feel.

Another Type of World: A Different Kind of West: The Canadian West as an Intellectual Frontier: A discussion of how the Canadian west was shaped, not by violence, but by the competition of ideas.




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