Osher Lifelong Learning Program, University of S. Maine, Portland

This past spring, Olli initiated a brand new event that they are hoping will become a regular part of each semester. They are calling it 9th Week and it’s a “talent show” and OLLI “show and tell” all rolled together.

It has been a tradition to have the Senior Players, OLLI’s drama group, perform on the last Friday of classes, at the end of the day. When the OLLI Singers formed, they too, wanted an opportunity to perform. The Players graciously moved to the 7th week of classes, allowing the Singers to perform on the 8th week. The number one complaint was that it was hard to sit through a performance after a long day of OLLI classes, and it was even harder to perform.

To that end they started 9th Week, a chance for OLLI classes and groups to highlight their semester’s activity. They began in the morning at 9:30 with the Senior Players; the Beginning Violin class performed at 11:00.

After lunch at the campus center, participants checked out the Open Art Studio exhibit in the Boiler Room. At 1 p.m. the OLLI Singers showcased their work for the semester, leaving time for additional sharings from other classes.

All performances were held in the Auditorium. Some members attended for the whole day, others for just a part of it. It was not necessary to be an OLLI member to attend, as the program was free and open to the public.




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