Taken from the Winter/Spring 2007 newsletter of the ILEAD program at Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire.

“Peer teaching” and “learning together” have been the cornerstones of ILEAD’s philosophy of operation and sense of identity and have made ILEAD one of the leading institutes of lifelong learning in the country. But to remain vibrant, always interesting, and copied requires a constant stream of new Study Leaders with new ideas, especially when we experience significant growth, as we have in the past few yeas.

In order to stimulate and nurture the development of new courses, the Study Leader Support Committee has devised a new course called “How to Create an ILEAD Course” to help develop nascent ideas into full-fledged courses. Maybe you could be in our catalog soon. It will explore defining your topic, describing your intent and expectations in a short course description, researching your topic, organizing your material by writing a course outline or syllabus with topics and assignments for each class, and investigating classroom technique that will help you present material and preside over the learning process in a way that optimizes learning.

The course will be presented in a compact, short course format in March (2007) between the winter and spring terms. The free course will run morning and afternoon, 9-4, on March 13 and 15, with a catered lunch provided. It will be offered again in the fall in a regular once-a-week format. We hope that all of you who have a beginning idea for a course, or a partially developed plan will join us, the Study Leader Support Committee, the Curriculum Committee, and a “dazzling array” of experienced Study Leaders to bring your course to fruition.




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