Pre-Conference Program - An Afternoon in the Helen Hosmer Concert Hall
The Crane School was founded in 1886 by Julia Crane (1855-1923) as the Crane Institute of Music and was one of the first institutions in the country to have programs dedicated to preparing specialists in teaching music in the public schools. Throughout Crane's history, as well as its present and its future, the school's primary mission has been to educate music teachers with an emphasis on excellence in performance. At Crane, learning to be a teacher does not exclude or limit music performance, but uses excellence in performance as the foundation on which teaching is based. Crane is proud to have many of the finest music educators, scholars and performers in the United States as members of the faculty, all working hard to make Crane a vital, innovative and exciting place.

The Crane School of Music strives to combine a long tradition of excellence in teaching and performing with the vitality of daily learning and music making, to provide its students with everything they need to be successful in their careers in music and teaching and in life. Keeping with the vision and legacy of celebrated music professor Dr. Helen Hosmer, SUNY Potsdam has officially become an All-Steinway School with the purchase of 141 Steinway pianos, the largest single acquisition of new Steinway pianos in Steinway & Sons’ 154-year history.

History of the Crane School of Music and Helen Hosmer
An Introduction to the Hosmer Organ – Laura Toland, Organist and Director of Music at the First Presbyterian Church, Potsdam, Accompanist of the Potsdam Community Chorus, and graduate of the Crane School of Music.

Onstage Insights: The Piano – Dr. Paul Wyse, Pianist, has appeared in concert throughout North America, Central America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. His bio describes his performances as “captivating in his interpretations of Debussy, Beethoven, Bach or Ives, Paul Wyse thrills audiences with his stunning virtuosity, artistic vision, and poetic style”
Presenter: Dr. Paul Wyse, Crane School of Music Faculty

Movement and Music: Interactive Tai Chi – Pam March, Dance/Drama Instructor at SUNY Potsdam, and Tai Chi Instructor for SOAR. Pam March is a certified Tai Chi instructor from the Boston Institute of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. NOTE: casual comfortable clothing and flat shoes are a must for this part of the program).


Join Nancy Merz Nordstrom, Director of the Elderhostel Institute Network and author of Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years, in an exploration of later-life learning around the world. From the U.S. to Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, she will discuss the latest concepts, innovations and recurring themes - information that will enlighten everyone who is interested in making their After 50 years the very best possible. All aboard for a whirlwind round-the-world tour.

"Design, Implementation and Management of an LLI"
Here's your opportunity to learn how other LLI’s are set up and run. Join Nancy Merz Nordstrom, director of the Elderhostel Institute Network in a roundtable discussion of the design, implementation and management of LLIs. Swap information and come away with exciting new ideas.
Moderator: Nancy Merz Nordstrom - Director of Elderhostel Learning Network

Promoting and Serving Your LLI via Your Web Page"
A web page for your LLI can be a good tool, not only for communicating information needed in the present, but for preserving your past history and attracting your future membership. It also is a good medium for taking the educational elements of your courses beyond the classroom. This talk will reveal the thought and planning behind this model, examine some of the challenges for the web master, as well as demonstrate the technology involved in building such a web site.
Presenter: Ruth Kreuzer, SUNY Potsdam - SOAR

“A Marketing/PR Bag of Tricks to Build and Retain Membership”
Are you beginning your program and want to get the word out? Do you want to build your membership base? Do you want to keep the members you have? Although new to the Lifelong Learning Institute program, Ginger Parker has experience building membership at a major museum and cultural center and launching and watching other programs grow and flourish.
Presenter: Ginger Parker - Mohawk Valley Institute for Learning in Retirement

“Beyond Bingo: Senior Centers as Lifelong Learning Classrooms”
The Erie County Lifelong Learning Program provides stimulating academic courses and lectures held at local senior centers in Western New York. Senior centers are seeking to stay current are looking for new ways to attract boomers and younger seniors and this learning collaborative effort between the Erie County Retired and Senior Volunteer , local senior centers and SUNY at Buffalo’s Millard Fillmore College.
Presenter: Patricia Dowling - Erie County Lifelong Learning Program

“Creating Positive Relations with [Your University/Host] Administration”
Building a long and lasting relationship with your host college or university is important to the stability of your ILR. Nancy Hess is the liaison between SOAR and SUNY Potsdam. She will share with the conference attendees how to work with both entities to ensure smooth sailing for all.
Presenter: Nancy Hess - SUNY Potsdam
Round Table Sharing
“LIR in Oshkosh, Wisconsin” – Mid-Size City [city population: ~32,000; Winnebago County population: ~ 157,000; total area 579sq.mi.]
Attendees will learn everything about how the Learning in Retirement (LIR) Organization runs in Oshkosh and we want to learn about how their LIR or LLI runs in their community. We will especially share how the LIR program in Oshkosh runs as a program integrated between the Curriculum, Membership, and Administrative categories as well as discuss the demographics of our 330 members and describe our schedule of 75 (or so) events each semester.
Presenters: Barry & Noreen Johnson, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

"From Potential Courses to Actual Classes" – Rural Setting
[St. Lawrence County population: ~112,000; total area 2, 821sq.mi. Villages: Potsdam - ~9,500; Canton - ~6,000; Massena – ~11,200; Governeur - ~ 4,300]
Attendees will learn how a small LLI operates in a rural setting. We will discuss how we make the most of our at hand resources (our networking with area colleges, universities, senior centers, and other public places and programs; how we take advantage of our natural environment and setting, how we our draw and use our members and volunteers, etc.). We will also look behind the scenes at the organization’s structure and identify some of the key elements needed to keep our organization running and healthy.
Panel, SUNY Potsdam - SOAR

“Journal Writing: Opening Lines” This workshop sampler will focus on journal writing techniques as well as on how this type of learning keeps our brains active and engaged. Viki Levitt is a Certified Poetry Therapist and Certified Instructor for Journal to the Self with several years experience teaching and writing in the Department of English and Communication at SUNY Potsdam.
Presenter: Dr. Victoria Levitt, Assistant Professor of English, SUNY Potsdam.

“Intimate Voices: The Value of Keeping Music in Our Lives”
Continuing the musical theme of the pre-conference program, Clive and Company will illustrate the musical dimension [component] of lifelong learning.
Presenter: Clive Henery, SUNY Potsdam - SOAR.

“Origins of Paper-Making in China: Increasing One’s Knowledge of the World” – Ina Brockriede.
Paper is something that we use everyday and often without thought. But, did you know papermaking has been an art for centuries beginning with Chinese Civilization. Join us on the paper train as we broaden our knowledge on the origin of paper and printing, how the West learned of paper and the impact that paper has and has had on world cultures and world civilizations.
Presenter: Ina Brockriede, – SUNY Potsdam - SOAR




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