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Original Query from Sara Hardman, Lifelong Learning Institute, Bard College, New York
At Bard we are wondering if any groups have been compensating presenters for mileage/gas in light of increased costs. We have several presenters who have asked us to do this and we are studying the problem. We would appreciate your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Thanks.

From Sharon Nelson, Learning in Retirement, Jefferson City, MO
Learning in Retirement, Inc. in Jefferson City, MO has been reimbursing course presenters for some time. We pay them the same rate per mile as the rate the State of Missouri pays.

From Mary Gardner, WALLA, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
We have always reimbursed presenters who come from out-of-town, or given them the option of getting those monies. We use Purdue’s reimbursement rate which is .585/per mile currently (since 7/01/08.) I don’t know where Bard College is located in NY nor what distances they are talking about. We make no other compensation to our presenters.

From Jim Lindberg, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Alabama at Huntsville
This is in response to the Bard College question about gas reimbursement. We do not provide any compensation for any of our instructors of regular courses. Everyone lives within a relatively short distance of the campus where most of our classes are presented. We do have special programs where some of our presenters are from out of town. In some cases we have agreed to transportation compensation. This compensation is agreed to up front before commitments are made. We would anticipate more of this will be required in the future because of the high cost of oil and gas.









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