Learning in Retirement, Inc. at the University of Georgia, Athens, has put together a stimulating Lunch and Learn Lecture series to run until May. These lectures are always held on Mondays at the Athens Community Council on Aging (a good way to get exposure for your program), beginning at 11 a.m. and are followed by lunch.

January: Geologic Factors in Recent Disasters – The presenter discussed geologic aspects of the earthquake and tsunami of December, 2004, the flooding related to Hurricane Katrina, and the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

February: Our Future Leadership: A Positive Outlook – With a brief introduction of the servant-leadership concept in management, the presenter supported his optimistic view of our country’s future leadership with “live” case studies and discussed the innovative programs, studies and work in leadership development being done at the university.

March: Inside the University: UGA Task Force on General Education and Student Learning The presenter shared with the participants the signal work of the University in strengthening its academic rigor and results. This work centers on the Task Force, which is an ongoing group. He also assessed the progress, challenges, expectations and benefits from the current administration over the past year.

April: Alfred G. Mayor and His Contributions to Marine Biology – A noted pioneer in the study of jellyfishes, Alfred G. Mayor completed a monumental three-volume work on the subject in 1910. Also a gifted artist, he produced exquisite drawings of a number of the 500 species he described in this classic study. In 1903, Mayor persuaded the Carnegie Institution in Washington to establish a marine biology lab in the Dry Tortugas. Eventually, Mayor expanded the range of his research to the South Pacific, studying the ecology of coral reefs. This talk will sketch the life of this adventurous man and discuss his role in the history of marine biology.

May: The University of Georgia: 1785 to the Present
Using slides, the presenter will cover the history of UGA from 1785 to the present. He will discuss highlights such as the Civil War, the admission of women in 1918, racial integration in 1961, and the events of recent decades. Questions and comments will be welcomed from the audience.




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