Learning in Retirement, University of Georgia, Athens

Taken from the December 2006 newsletter

The LIR lecture series is held at the Athens Community Council on Aging. Lectures fall on Mondays, begin at 11:00 and are immediately followed by lunch.

February – Poverty in Athens-Clarke County – Steve Jones
A native of Athens-Clarke County, Judge Jones has made a lifelong commitment to improving the quality of life for the poor and disadvantaged of our community. Currently the chairman of the Partners for a Prosperous Athens, he will discuss methods for providing more jobs, training, and opportunities for advancement in Athens.

March – Education and Good Citizenship – Bernard Dauenhauer
Good citizenship involves knowing how to live and work with other people, some of whom we are likely to disagree with from time to time. Dr. Dauenhauer will discuss how a proper school education combined with staying informed about public affairs can and should lead us to respect the importance of holding views that are based on the available evidence.

April – The Latest from UGA, a Rising Star in American Education – Jere Morehead
Dr. Morehead will trace the continuing rise of the University of Georgia’s reputation and competitive position. Causes include changes effected by the administration and faculty and a more universal faculty and student body Other factors on which UGA is building are its advantages vis-à-vis leading private universities across the United States in student costs and financial aid and operating efficiencies, as well as the breadth of its research capabilities.

May – Fighting Hunger in Northeast Georgia – John Becker
As the president and CEO of The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, Mr. Becker will present an overview of the organization, its goals and accomplishments. Our Food Bank is a partner agency of America’s Second Harvest the nation’s Food Bank Network serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Lat year, America’s Second Harvest Network provided food assistance to more than 25 million low-income hungry people.




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