Reading Poems in Pairs was the title of a course given at the Academy for Learning in Retirement, Saratoga Springs, New York. Each week participants improved their understanding and enjoyment of poetry by comparing and contrasting pairs of poems written on the same topic (nature, love, death, faith, etc.) These poems were written by men and women from different centuries and cultures. The course enabled participants to examine and discuss each poem for its own revelations of vision and expression.

Members of the Academy for Lifelong Learning at the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee recently studied Capitalism in Crisis. Using the automobile industry, members studied the possible solution to the new economic shift that is so basic to our economy and what are the resulting pros and cons.

The Community Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) in State College, PA offered its members a chance to study Gravitation & Electromagnetism: The fundamental Force of Everyday Life. Participants examined gravitation and electromagnetism, the connections and some of the fascinating phenomena to which they give rise.

Members of the ILR at Bergen Community College in New Jersey will be taking up Cycling for Seniors this spring. Members will learn more about cycling as a hobby and for exercise.

The ILR at Bluffton University in Ohio offered members a class this winter entitled Adapted for the Movies: English Lit, The Bible, Shakespeare, and Bestsellers. Participants looked at what happened to great literature, sacred books and potboilers when movies get their hands on them.

Introduction to American Sign Language is the title of a new course being given at the Community Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) in State College, Pennsylvania. Participants will learn the basics of ASE, etiquette for talking with deaf people, and enough vocabulary to be able to introduce themselves and tell good stories (of their own choosing). Much of the class is conducted in silence (except for frequent laughter) so participants should come prepared to use their hands, face and heart while starting to learn a beautiful, eloquent language.

Members of the Institute for Retirees in Pursuit of Education (IRPE) at Brooklyn College will be studying Latin: Its Relationship to English this spring. They will explore the relationship between Latin and English. Much of the English language is derived from Latin. Emphasis will be on derivation, Anglicization and adaptation of Latin words.

Members of Learning in Retirement, University of Georgia, Athens recently studied Dreamwork in Modern Christianity. This course looked at the dreamwork movement that has arisen in Christianity since 1970 and continues to gain strength today. Increasingly, attention to dreams as a path to spiritual growth is no longer regarded as strange and “New Agey.” The first class examined the basic tools of understanding that dreamwork has added to the 21st century Christian toolkit, including the Jungian concepts of consciousness and the unconscious. The second class explored the dreamwork movement in the church and the scriptural evidence for dreamwork as a legitimate Christian practice. The third class looked briefly at some theological implications of dreamwork for Christianity before concluding with a demonstration of dream analysis as currently being practiced in local churches.

In early spring, members of the L.I.F. E. program at Mount Saint Mary College-Desmond Campus, in Newburgh, NY took a course entitled The Good, the Bad, and the Poisonous. The Poison Educator at the Hudson Valley Poison Education Center led an entertaining and educational presentation on poisons. This presentation addressed what exactly a poison is, how and why seniors are getting poisoned, recent trends in poison control, and most importantly, prevention tips regarding multiple medications and what the first steps are in a poison emergency.

This past winter, members of the Lifelong Learning program on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina studied Reconstruction: 1863-1877. This period in American history determined the course of the nation for the next century. One class featured reconstruction in Beaufort County, which was a rehearsal for later efforts elsewhere in the South. The course concluded with the disputed election of 1876 which ended Reconstruction.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston is offering members a course this spring entitled Six Million Paper Clips: the Making of a Children’s Holocaust Memorial. Participants will view this documentary which will then be followed by a discussion period.

Members of the OLLI program at the University of Pittsburgh recently studied Friendship and Family in Contemporary Russian Literature. They read some of the most popular contemporary Russian writers and viewed a contemporary film to try and understand how writers employ fiction/film to portray family and intergenerational relationships.

Members of QUEST: A Community for Lifelong Learning in New York City will be studying Voices in Opposition this spring. This course presents the voices of struggle, the ongoing narrative of protest in America. It is based on a collection of contemporaneous writings, such as Henry George’s “The Crime of Poverty” in 1885 and later dissent like “Protesting the First World War” and “Women, Gays and Other Voices of Protest.” The class will consider what relevance these writings have today.

Senior College at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center in Belfast offered members a course entitled Europe: Its Present and Its Future. This course examined Europe and its many and varied relationships with the United States.




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