The Adult Learning Institute at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson, New York offered members a chance to enjoy The Bagpipes this summer. The program included tunes on the bagpipes, the evolution of the Great Highland Pipes, an explanation of the instrument and a question and answer session with an experienced bagpipes musician.

Members of the ILEAD program at Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire recently studied The Architecture of Andrea Palladio. This comprehensively illustrated, informal lecture course, a prelude to events marking the 500th anniversary of Palladio’s birth in 1508, began with a background discussion of Renaissance architecture in general, as well as its classic antecedents. The course then went on to examine the numerous town palaces, country villas, and religious buildings designed by Palladio in Vicenza, the Veneto, and Venice. Finally, participants spent some time looking at Palladio’s influence in England and in this country.

The Institute for Learning in Retirement at Old Dominion University in Virginia offered participants a chance to enjoy Carnaval: Rio and Beyond, this summer. The focus of the discussion was on the famous Sambdromo da Marqus de Sapuca (Rio) and some of the rules of competition. They also examined the other great Carnaval cities: Olinda/Recife in Pernambuco and Salvador in Bahia. Participants studied the social and political implications, saw video clips, photographs and heard music from the world’s biggest party.

Members of The Learning Club in Winona, Minnesota studied The Creation Myth this past spring. This 5-session course gave participants a chance to learn and discuss the myths of creation from four perspectives.

Ladder of the Beatitudes is the title of a course give at the L.I.F.E. program at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York this summer. This course examines the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount and its relevance to our lives today. This rediscovery of an ancient tradition can sustain spiritual seekers today.

Lifelong Learners at the Fairfield Senior Center in cooperation with Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut will be studying United States Foreign Policy this fall. Does the United States have a “manifest destiny” in the world? Participants will study our foreign policies over the past 240 years and determine if our greatest days are behind us, or still lie ahead.

Last month members of the Lifelong Learning Program at Coastal Carolina University took part in the course Music Reading for Total Beginners. They quickly learned all the basic reading skills needed for playing and reading music. It was an ideal introduction to the capability needed to play any musical instrument. They also learned the fundamentals of the piano keyboard. This course was designed for the complete beginner.

During this summer members of the LINEC program at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire have a stimulating lineup of courses from which to choose. These courses include The Constitution and the Supreme Court; Creating Family Jewels; The Mamas and Papas in Opera; Personal Computers Issues; Current Issues; Yoga; The Now or Never Reading Group; and More Food Issues.

This past spring, members of the LIR program at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh learned abut Oneida Treaties: Henry Hudson to Present. They studied the history of the Oneida Indian Nations and land purchases that are causing controversies today.

Members of the Lyceum Program at Binghamton University in New York took a four-part course entitled Focus on Africa. They examined Panafricanism, both as an idea and as a movement; the history of slavery; a modern history of African women and were introduced to the major developments and structures, and creative philosophies of 20th century modern African art.

MSU for Seniors at Minnesota State University in Mankato has a stimulating summer session under way. Some of the programs offered include Helping Teachers to Teach; Kids Against Hunger; Visual Art and Antiques International; No Child Left Behind; Introduction to Feng Shui; and Tour of the Regional Treatment Center Museum. Eight other courses are also on the agenda for this summer.

Members of the Norton Institute for Continuing Education (NICE) in Norton, Massachusetts recently studied T. Roosevelt’s Bully Pulpit. They looked at how Teddy Roosevelt took on captains of industry and established the principle of public regulation of the private sector.

Class Actions: A Powerful Force is the title of a course being given this fall at the Olli program at Berkshire Community College in Massachusetts. The course will examine the legal and historical background of class actions – a remedy that until recently was unique to the United States. After analyzing the nature of the remedy and the problems experienced in implementing class actions, participants will look at some of the lawyers who have led in developing and shaping the charges that they abused them and the legislative and judicial responses.

Courses for this summer at the Rose Institute for Life Long Learning in Beachwood, Ohio include Masterpieces of Yiddish Theatre; Poetic Thoughts; The 2008 Presidential Election: Process, Possibilities and Predictions; Spanish Music and Jazz; Lipschtick: The Perfect Shade of Comedy; Famous Diamonds; The Futures of Religion; Great American Short Stories; The Masters of Broadway and The History of the Miss America Pageant.

The Ethics of Lying in Human Relations is the title of a course being given this fall at the Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE) in Massachusetts. This course consists of the observations of philosophers and sages on the human capability for communicating truth, contrasted with the human propensity for misrepresenting truth.




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