Every second Tuesday of the month from September through May, the Learning in Retirement program in Ann Arbor, Michigan presents their Aerobics for the Mind Distinguished Lecture Series. Cost for the entire 9-lecture series is just $35 per person. Following is what they will be offering over the coming academic year.

September – Professional & Personal Dilemmas During Long-Term Fieldwork in Hungary
This fascinating topic will be presented by a native Hungarian who teaches East Central European nationalism, gender and ethnicity at both the University of Michigan Dearborn and in Budapest and also resides as the Chair of UNESCO’s Ethnic and Minority Studies.

October – American Red Cross Mission and Management Since 9/11
The Executive Director of the local American Red Cross Chapter will discuss how the Red Cross has had to change since 9/11 as they have met unprecedented emergency response challenges, while at the same time enhancing local services.

November – Three Months in Kenya: Refugee Camps, HIV and Medical Data Analysis
The presenter spent three months in Kenya as a Pfizer Global Health Fellow. While there she worked in a refugee camp, analyzing HIV medical data. She will share her experiences there through stories and photographs.

December – Behind the Green Door: Backstage Stories of World Renowned Artists
The President of the University Musical Society will share stories collected over the years of bringing world famous artists and orchestras to Ann Arbor.

January – Jacob van Ruisdael’s Landscape Paintings: Nature, Art and Culture in the Dutch Golden Age
A local Renaissance and Baroque art scholar who has curated six exhibitions, written a book on the subject and received several awards, will lead this discussion.

February – Parks and Open Space and Contributions to the Quality of Life
For more than 30 years, the presenter, professor at the Institute for Social Research has studied the quality of community life indicators and will discuss neighborhoods and housing planning, park planning, recreation development, environment and behavior community development, and comparative international cities.

March – Primo Levy: Witness to the Shoah, Understanding the Human Implications of the Holocaust
A specialist in Medieval and Renaissance literature as well as Shakespeare literary theory, comparative literature and Biblical studies will lead this discussion.

April – Future of the U.S. Labor Movement
The presenter is an Assistant Research Scientist at the Institute of Labor and Industrial relations and his research work is in the fields of privatization, outsourcing, political mobilization and collective bargaining.

May – Evangelicals in America: Subculture or Counterculture?
A local professor of history, who has written several books and is now working on a book on religious violence in the colonies during the 1600s which looks both at violence directed against religious believers and violence in the name of God by believers, will be presenting.




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