Brevard ElderLearning, Cocoa, FL
Continuing Education Program on 2-19-07

This program, sponsored by the Brevard ElderLearning Program in cooperation with Brevard Community College in Cocoa, Florida had 4 presenters: Bill Willmot of our Planning Committee, giving an overall view of many of the ways seniors can continue to educate and challenge their minds; Dr. Clifford Bragdon from F.I.T. who spoke on many programs and offerings from that school; Jan McCarter from the Shepherd’s Center; and Virginia Keasler from BCC’s Family Education.

The program went well, with much information and many good comments from those in attendance both verbally and on the survey forms. The program was well organized, clear and many attendees said they learned a lot because such a variety of ideas were brought forth. Quite a few attendees suggested bringing Dr. Bragdon back to speak on other things in the future as he really seemed to connect with people.

The name of the Program was taken from a book of that title, with permission of the author who is our liaison to Elderhostel, Nancy Merz-Nordstrom. The book was available to be browsed and 23 order forms were taken for people who may wish to order the book.

There were 35 people registered and 32 in attendance. The evaluations on the survey forms were almost entirely 5s, with some 4’s, and 2 people grumbled in low evaluation numbers (one saying program too long) but neither signed names so we could find out what they didn’t like.

Program Co-coordinators were Lucy Kline and Allan Gair.




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